A32NX W&B Question

How many passengers will fit in the business class section and how many in coach? I may be getting a little nit picky here, but I’d like my W&B to be as correct as is reasonably possible…


Depends on the airline company, and companies may even have different configurations for a single aircraft type. You can find a lot of those seat maps on https://www.seatguru.com.

@BVTEagleEye that’s a great website for this kind of nitpicking. You can even choose by airline to make sure you’ve got the right livery.

But it brought up a question in my mind, anyway… The default passenger count on Simbrief for the A32NX has passenger counts more like what are in A321’s, at least according to that website. Are those 2 aircraft interchangeable, or are the airlines just actually doing things way different than what Simbrief says?