A32NX Win 11 & DX 12

Does the fly by wire A320 work with Windows 11 and DX 12. I’ve tried deleting everything from all folders as their site recommends but still see no aircraft after re-downloading it.

I believe they officially recommend DX11.

However, that shouldn’t have any impact on you seeing or not seeing the aircraft.

It’s more likely you have an install issue. Generally doing a full “clean” install process from their website and checking you don’t have the older marketplace version still installed for some reason are the prime candidates.

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Yes, it does work in both.
Delete the current “flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo” folder from your Community folder.
Get the installer from here:

Select the version you want from the installer and install.
At this point I would recommend the Development or Experimental version.
I have seen a few folks having issues with the Stable.

Followed their instructions to re-load but will try again in case I missed a file somewhere. Thanks