A32x FBW imput SIS/STAR

I have been testing out the A32x Experimental (95f777b), first off, it has been amazing with the new flypad with navigraph integration and the new flight planning is great so far! However I have noticed two things and curious if others have encountered.

  1. After creating a flight plan in simbrief and uploading through the MCDU, neither the SID nor the STAR was input from the flight plan. I had to go in and manually input from MCDU. Am I missing something here, or is this known?

  2. Once ready to go, I noticed there was no ATC option for IFR clearance. I took off and then requested flight following and again no option to file IFR mid-flight. Is this because the new A32x flight planning is done independent from MS2020? I also noticed there is no flight path on the VFR map in-game. But my plan is on the ND just fine.

Happy flying and hope ya’ll are enjoying the experimental as much as I am!

Hi, from my Experience, I have always had to enter the depaure/ arrival runway, and Sid and Star manually…it doesnt download from simbrief only the initial route.


Simbrief integration has never filled in SIDs or STARs.

As for the second point, you are correct. Base sim flight planning / map features are not compatible for now.

Good to know I am not just going crazy haha, thanks for the info!