A32x Flypad Settings Disabled

Just downloaded latest DEV version. Most of the Flypad settings on the Aircraft Configuration and Sim Options screens are disabled. Most notably the option to select lbs or kg. Seems like option to set US vs. Metric in MCDU is gone too.

Don’t see this on known issues list so wondering if this is my setup or just a current limitation on the DEV build.


This sounds like you’re not actually running the dev build, but a version of Stable that is overriding your dev install.

Make sure to remove all existing A32NX installs in Content Manager before re-installing the dev version.

Should be fixed now. Update to the latest DEV version.

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Thanks. I also had it in the exp version from ca. 7 UTC. I didn’t need the features but wondered. Thanks for confirming and even better fixing :wink:

BTW. Most recently the AP is a bit Mmhhh how do I say abrupt when moving from on waypoint to the next. Is that confirmed?

Thanks. New DEV version is good now.

Sorry, I haven’t been keep up with the latest exp updates in that regard, so I can’t answer that.

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