A330 a321 crj700 b747 no work since

Any plane a330 a321 crj700 b747 work since new maj the plane crash the game

I have moved this topic out of wishlist as I think it is more suitable in general.

If I understand your question correctly, then are you asking if some of these mods work with the current game version of without crashing the game?

It may be that some of these mods need updating if they are causing issues.


Hi thanks to move it at the good place there is no update for these mods but effectively the game freeze and crash When you use one of them is everyone had the same?

Any solution?

Same thing with all mods on all games, the author needs to update their mod to match the update. Not up to Asobo to keep mods up to date. Best thing is remove the mods from the community folder until updated

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Hi there I’m Nerbulus from Project Mega Pack. We are aware of the older planes having CTDs after SimUpdate 2, this is because the cockpits are not updated for Sim Update 2 and therefore crash. We have taken down the 747 and CRJ to be fixed, and the A330 has been down for some time while we remake the exterior model. However the A321 works with the latest sim update and I suggest you join our discord at Project Mega Pack to download it.
Thanks and have a great day,
Nerbulus from PMP

Thanks for the quick response.

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