A330 with a320 FBW

I have installed the latest a320 FBW, a330 and the a330 compatibility mod with FBW.

However it seems that the MCDU is blank when the plane is powered up.

I’ve installed it in the right order, I.e a320 FBW, a330 and compatibility mod. In that order.

Is there something I am missing

my mcdu loaded, with some elements not taking - flaps/cg. When I took off, the plane did not follow the MCDU except for the climb rate. A lot of work still needed I think.

I have moved your post to the Third Party Addons > Aircraft section, which is where discussions of mods and third-party aircraft goes.

which MCDU is blank? the A320 or the A330?
Just note that the A32NX mod that you installed has to be the latest Dev version with the latest compatibility mod. Stable or Experimental version won’t work.

maybe I was not clear.

I am trying to fly the a330. So the a330 MCDU is the one that is blank.

I had installed the latest a320 FBW dev version and the latest compatibility mod. Still does not work.

for me the same, in A330 with Dev Mod and compatibility mod, the FMS is dark. I have tried a lot of option, but dosent work.

Guess it’s not compatible anymore. The only thing to do is to remove the A32NX and just fly the A330 vanilla.

yes thats what I do now and hope for an update