A359 available soon?

Hi all, I wonder if there is a A350-900 or 1000 available soon as official 2rd party or community add-on?? I love this bird, having flown it many times as passenger pre covid.
Any tips are appreciated.
Thank you !!

Freeware and payware in development.
But I think one of them was cancelled.
However it will take time

Payware got cancelled and donated their progress to the freeware version developers :slight_smile:


Now i want to ride in an A350

And I would like to have an a380 :heart_eyes:

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DigitalFlightDynamics is working on a freeware A350.
Sim4Flight was working on a payware A350-900ULR

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As mentioned before, this one was cancelled

any news on a potential A359 development? thx

Unfortunately there will never be an A350…
It´s systems are so complicated and sophisticated that for 98% of all development teams it would only be possible to recreate a very dumbed-down simpleton A350-wannabe, but never a real true to the core A350 simulator :wink:
And it is better to have NO A350 at all than having an A350 in CS or Bredok3D “quality” *ggg

And the other 2% of development teams… well Fenix is unfortunately not interested in an A350 and the FlyByWire team made the decision to make an A380 which has similar systems to the A350, instead of an A350 which they considered doing first.

So it is a very very dark and hopeless situation for all A350 fans currently. Maybe in five years the situation will change.

Some day I am going to change all my internet chatnames and usernames to Jean-Luc Picard and take place on this dream of a seat… (BEST seat design ever in any aircraft! Looks so starship-alike).

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This is not True. I think I know where you got this assumption form, and the person who said is talking utter rubbish.
I own this, it is amazing, It has all the normal operations covered. It is just an A320 mainly with more screens and different screens. The basic Airbus principal applies to all its planes. Its not perfect, but the A350 can be done, it just needs a dev willing to do it for MSFS

This add-on has had many updates and it has a lot of things implemented that have not been added to the sales blurb. Check the forums for it.

The likes of Fenix, PMDG, FS Labs, FBW have the capability to do this for MSFS IMHO, if they wanted too. Less we forget FBW are doing the A380 which has a lot shared with the A350.


After selling and exchanging some hardware parts my current computer setup is not powerful enough to run X-Plane or VR.
But thanks for mentioning this, the cockpit visuals look good on YouTube.

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I don’t really mind a dumbed down version, to be honest. Probably not to the quality of CS or Bredok3D. But it doesn’t have to be Fenix or QualityWings level either.

There’s no need trying to spend 1000 hours in trying to code the hydraulics system or electrical circuits and faults, or that getting every single button operable and doing their actual function. All I need is some basic normal procedure to start the aircraft, enter the navigation data, start the engine, taxi, take off, climb, cruise on autopilot with working LNAV and VNAV, descent, approach, land, taxi, parking, and shut off.

Even if it’s at the fidelity level of the default Asobo A320 modeled on an A350 exterior and interior cockpit models and texture with a few tweaks on the flight characteristics to get it to “close enough” performance and handling of A350, I think that’s acceptable enough for me to start flying it.

At the very least, it should open some possibility of getting it out there for the community to start flying and gain some popularity for other developers to jump into the project and slowly and iteratively improve the aircraft as more people start using it.

I mean, part of the reason why the FBW A32NX is so successful today is because Asobo included the base A320neo as a simple and basic flyable aircraft with acceptable level of fidelity at the sim’s launch day.

The A350 is a mystery at the moment. Time and time again, we have developers having an idea to have the A350 into MSFS with the unrealistic expectations that they’re going to be the one who will bring the most complete, the most accurate, and the most detailed high-fidelity advanced airliner to the sim. Only for them to realise the mammoth task ahead of them and just give up because they don’t have enough time and manpower to achieve it, and scrapped the project or give their assets away to the next person having the same idea, inspecting the models and not up to their standards, scrapping them again, trying to start over from scratch, then give up again because there’s too much work to do themselves. Recruiting other developers would be difficult too because there’s no baseline to start from.

While if you just have a small team good at 3D modeling and texturing, and implement the basic avionics needed for a successful flight and get it out there to be used by the community. Everyone would be able to see the potential of how it can be improved and start to actively work on the project in their own capacity, and start pushing daily updates no matter how minor it is like the FBW A32NX team pushing almost daily updates in their Dev and Exp version back in the day. Every single minor thing just improves the aircraft every time little by little. Then the more people active in the development, the better the collective idea on where the aircraft development and improvement is headed.

If everyone is trying to develop and release a perfect product from the beginning. We will never get them.

Maybe that’s where I’m different, I’m the kind a guy who thinks a bad something is still better than nothing. I’d rather eat a simple bland porridge to survive than starve myself to wait for a flavourful wagyu steak.