AAU2 Beta: worse performance and odd white frame around MFDs in PMDG 737-800 and other aircraft

I was hoping the white would have been gone, and performance improved back to pre AAU2, but it seems this update was just for the new landing challenge.


this update has nothing to do with performance or CPU temperatures, it is simply a new redbull landing challenge in a Dubai Hotel.


So now we know what their priorities are…


Good, I liked what you said “tired of it”, I am also, to this day I can not enjoy the “Sim” consistently, stable most of the time, enough, we need a more consistent product and that is not only beautiful to see but also good, pleasant to use (play, simulate etc …) after all it did not cost a little cheap to get it - it and even more the Premium delux version that is the one I bought, so I ask you please respect your consumer a little more and deliver a product with more performance (optimized), after all it has been 3 years trying to have something like this.

Not to mention that when we do not have the courage to fly because of bugs, time in Sim, time in the aircraft we want to fly (ATR for example), please review the priorities.


My thoughts exactly. They especially need to be considerate of the consumers who can’t spend 3-5000 dollars for a platform just to run a simulator :man_shrugging:t5:


How is this still not fixed?!?!


Same issue here too (Ryzen 5800X3D RTX 4070ti) poor performance and white screen / dot.

Tried both the Fenix and PMDG, both the same.

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Most of the devs are in summer break vacation…
Let’s wait for a couple of weeks until they’re back and provide the hotfix.

The problem is, there are many problems in this Simulator to fix, in addition to the performance, I hardly slept when I bought it in the pre-sale, if I’m not mistaken, less than a month to the long-awaited day 18/08/2020, it was tense … kkk, now I’m very frustrated with the problems from there to here and the attention given to it, just frustrating this and sad.


Performance is terrible since this update. Frame drops, microstutters everywhere. My settings haven’t changed in months and my drivers haven’t either. Hope this is fixed very soon.


Just joined the new SU13 beta that is supposed to fix this issue - I’m still seeing the white border, although it goes away after a few secs, it still is clearly there. It is miles better than it was before this beta, but i don’t know if this is fully fixed yet.

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Hello @dustNinja7871,

Thanks for joining the SU13 beta and helping report issues with this test build. Please keep all posts about the beta in the appropriate sub-category of the dedicated SU13 Beta forum.


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I wanna say that even though the white dot and white boxes remain, the performance has gone back to what it was before AAU2, thankfully, got my 4 fps back.

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Please keep all posts related to SU13 in the beta forums.

Thank you.

Whilst I think performance has improved, I’m finding performance still hit and miss. Biggest issue I’m having now is with stutter, and the occasional drop in FPS.

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My FPS is lower, but the sim is smoother, especially in areas where I’d get slowdowns i.e. London, NYC, and LA. I just wish they’d address the 747 and 787 deviating from plans in external views. I spent 2 days completely rebuilding my add-on folder from scratch to make sure it’s not a mod. Still deviating.

Still same odd white frames around MFDs in PMDG 737 and Fenix A320. Waiting for a fix !!!

Our prayers have been heard. The white frame and the white dot have been fixed in the latest beta build. Now we have an option to turn this off.

White frames here too. I noticed yesterday on my PMDG 737-600.

Any fix coming?

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