AAU2 Info

I do agree with OP and hope that the Longitude gets further love, opening doors would be amazing.
Some more accurate sounds would also be much appreciated

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I’m still using it, and tested it on improving the base Asobo VL-3 with the 914 engine, the freeware 915 engine update and GotGravel’s Vertigo. It’s still working. For how long, who knows?

You misunderstand me I think.

Charts are coming. But they will be paid through navigraph and using a navigraph plugin. They are not being officially supported in any way but Working Title is aware that they are a popular value add and are working with Navigraph to get Navigraph what they need to make the plugin.


Ah cool, thank you

The longitude has not even a cabin today

I think having “workable” aircraft in the core sim has always been the plan. Workable, meaning it flies but really needs some work. That leaves all the fixes and additional aircraft candy to 3rd party devs in the Marketplace. Another revenue stream. That, my friends, is the bottom line and we LOVE our MSFS… Happy Flying.

I don’t know if that ever was an official plan, but certainly now their actions indicate it is no longer the current plan. Hiring Working Title and publicly stating they are doing specific, targeted releases to improve stock aircraft convinces me that is the case.

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Interesting… I thought that was the whole point of the NavBlue “partnership”… that they would eventually be providing (possibly payware like Jeppesen used to be) charts.

Funny, they could have chosen Jeppesen instead, who wanted the contract, and had better quality Airac’s and charts from day 1.

The latest public word I’m aware of is that Matt said the G3X wasn’t planned. That could mean MS intend to ditch it, or it could mean they haven’t officially contracted Working Title to update that one as of yet.

I suspect the latter because more 3rd party planes are now appearing using the G3X. They can’t replace the full nav system in the sim if the old G3X is still in place using it. So either it needs to be updated, or removed. And since several 3rd party planes have started using the G3X (SWS in particular) and several of the default planes use it, I can’t see them pulling the rug out from under them and removing it.

But as of right now, at least in the public sphere, it’s “not planned”. So I’m guessing at best it’s low priority and we shouldn’t expect to see if (if it happens) before AAU 3.


Maybe this thread will be less useless if they ever give us another feedback snapshot :unamused:

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I sure wish they did AAU2 for the 787-10 the only reason i got the premium was for the 787-10. I can wait for AAU3 or AAU4 aslong as it does come out.