Ability to delete logbook entries

Yes, this. I want a clean log book with all of my actual flights, not every a log book cluttered with every single time I’ve jumped in to check something out like a new DLC airport etc

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It’s about the following … the logbook has a button … fly again! However, I have a lot of logbook entries because I only used an airplane to practice after setting up a flight plan at an airport.
I do not need this entry in the logbook … but cannot delete it … because … no DELETE button.

Therefore I would like to have a delete button in the logbook to be able to delete entries of my choice.
I ask you to support me with the voting … so that we get a delete button in the logbook.

Thanks Mike (LOWW)


I fully support it! The ability to remove individual flights/unfinished attempts, as well as those resulting from program errors, will allow you to simplify logbook.

Logbook Reset

Is it possible to reset your Logbook ?
During the initial phase of MSFS 2020 a lot of bugs caused instabilities, computer crshes Etc.
This put an inaccurate reading of your logbook.
Incomplete flights Etc.
It would be nice to have the opportunity to reset the logbooks, or at least delete the inaccurate entries caused by the program itself.
I can’t even find the files referring to my flight logbook on my computer.
Cheer’s .

We need more autonomy over the logbook. It seems that flight time is being pinned to an “achievement” like status. The way MSFS approaches the logbook from the beginning was as if to not allow simmers to “cheat” their way to higher hours - by just flying circles for an hour and then landing.

Maybe Asobo dev team can give the option to abandon the achievement part of it, and allow user access to the logbook. While I like the achievement idea, it has led to probably 20 flights that did not get logged.

The Hobbs meters in the aircraft seem to work without hesitation, so maybe tying the achievement to that would be best - breaking it down by airplane. I dislike the fickleness of the logbook since release and the achievement status is the issue.

Hi Jettalost,
Couldn’n agree more.
I have never (in 50+ years) come across such a program where you lose control of certain aspects .
For example, I have two folders connected to MSFS 2020, which I can’t access , even after beefing up, adjusting my security for those folders and running under administration.
Running under MS DOS, I can see the contents of those folders but thats about all.
Discovered these while lookin for anything relating to the logbook.
Like a lot of other users, I tend to experiment with new progrqms (just to see their capabilities), I would like to have the opportunity to delete these experiments from the logbook .
Perhaps if enough users gripe about it MS might have a change of heart.
Meanwhile , if anyone finds a fix, please let me know

Why does it take the developers so long to change the operation of the LOG BOOK?
In the RW when a pilot just sits in the aircraft and doesn’t get AIRBORNE then nothing is entered into his log book. If FS supposed to replicate the real world then adjust the log book to reflect the same.
Come chaps get your finger out!! :slight_smile:


I wish I could make a backup of the logbook, but I can’t find it.
After a flight with OFFLINE account, I went back to the SIM and found my 90 hours of flight reset, even when I put my account back ONLINE.
If you could locate and edit it would be a good thing.
I certainly vote
Thank you all

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Please make it editable. I have tons of flights which I didn’t even start due to live weather bug. Even if I quite before takeoff it saves it and logbook looks messy.


I think this is a great idea none of us like untidy logbooks and sometimes it just happens.
On littlenav You’re able to edit your logbook it also keeps more information then the logbook on flight simulator if we are unable to edit a logbook entry if we can delete it it will be a first step.

As in the real life we should be able to edit/delete logbook entries and even a total switch off function is another feature by some flyers like me.

Kind regards.


Yes! This should not be a massive fix but would be a massive improvement for the logbook. MSFS is not real life and people do not use a sim like they fly real planes. I always check out new scenery I downloaded to make sure it loads ok with no errors and to see how it looks. I don’t want all of these test flights in the logbook. That makes the logbook look like a complete mess. Please let us delete entries in the logbook, and preferably have an option to turn it off so that it does not log when we are not actually flying - to fly. It would make the logbook infinitely nicer.

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I don’t know if this helps, but in “developer” mode it doesn’t log the flights. This could be useful when trying different planes and airports. :slight_smile:

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It would’ve been nice to have found this post (re non-logged development flights) prior to my nine hour flight while I was in development mode checking on FPS. Is there any warning about development mode not logging flights? I didn’t notice one.:pensive:

I also agree that the logbook should be editable or at least as a minimum be allowed to delete entries.


No warning. I just noticed it back in November. It could change in new releases since it isn’t documented.
Being able to delete the empty entries (zero time) would be nice. Not logging those entries in the first place even better.

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…and preferably with the shift/ctrl function enabled, so we can delete more than one line at a time


This is an option that is really needed and highly appreciated if added.

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I understand why editing MSFS logbook is not a desirable thing by MS because achievements are based on it. So why do we want to edit? The problem with this logbook is just a lack of better ways to filter it. No need to edit unless it is to cheat.

But It should have more filtering options to be able to refer to our logs the way we want. For instance, mask all no-flight entries or be able to sort by any column or filtering the logs with more clever options. Another thing is that the totals should reflect how the logs is filtered. Ex. Plane by plane or Airfield by Airfield, and so on…

Hide no-flight entries (if wanted)
Add millage column
Sort by any column
Recalculate totals based on filtered log
Save last filter state


It’s not cheating to correct mess up’s with the way MSFS handles the logbook. I’ve had landings that were not recorded and others recorded at the wrong airport. And I’m not at all interested in unlocking achievements.

I would be happy with just the ability to delete entries from the logbook. In no way would that improve anyone’s achievements if that is what they are worried about.