Ability to disable music

It’d be great to have a checkbox in the options to ‘Disable Music’. If it’s checked - the music is not played - EVER.

Currently you can turn the music down to zero (and therefore have no music), but it’s still ‘playing’ at zero volume, consuming resources and popping up (for example) when the opening pictures are displaying. I want every resource I can get!


The music doesn’t play when you’re in game, which is the only time the performance matters. Seems like a non issue to me?


this is just only your assumption / guess …

Is it? Maybe I’ve been writing software for decades and know what I’m talking about? Who knows

What personally bothers me is that when I’ve turned the music all the way down to 0, it still plays briefly at startup.


Hi @N316TS
Exactly - It’s still playing, but at zero volume.
With an application that consumes so much of everything, it’d be logical to disable the music entirely (for those that want to), and give the resources to something else.

Just checking…have you logged this in Zendesk?

If you rename the music soundbank file it will not play at all. BUT it still plays the 3 notes at the start.

Not sure if that saves resources/frames, but I could see in procmon that the file is constantly being read. After renaming, that make it impossible for the game to do so :smiley:

Please either change or turn off that repetitive riff during download and start up of game. It is beyond annoying.

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Options > general > sound and scroll down :wink:

I have music volume down to zero, but music plays up to some point during the loading screen. :wink:

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Yes, when MSFS starts the volume is high until it reads in the files where you have the volume set.

If you don’t want to wake up the neighbors when you launch it, have to remember to mute or turn down the PC speakers. :grin: