Ability to filter control assignments by aircraft type

I have searched the wishlist, but cannot see a similar thread/wish. If I;ve missed it, please flag this to the moderators so they can merge together.

The title says it all really. I think it would be very helpful if the control assignments screen could have a filter that only shows controls that are active or appropriate for specific aircraft types. I have been mainly flying the TBM, but find it difficult, when changing to another aircraft, to identify the appropriate controls that I should be mapping to my yoke/throttle quadrant etc. There are so many variants of similar controls, for example:


It is difficult to know which of these might apply to the particular aircraft you are looking to fly, especially when unfamiliare with the new aircraft.

A simple filter added here

could enable only those controls that are used in the selected aircraft to be shown. This could be a drop down or something listing all available aircraft (even if only for Asobo aircraft initially).


Came here to ask for this. The trial and error when attempting to discover what control assignment works with a particular aircraft is such a waste of time.

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