Ability to have separate control setups for each aircraft without having to manually switch between 20+ controller profiles?

What I mean by this is that depending on what you fly, some buttons become un-useful. For example, I have landing gear toggle assigned to a button. That button is wasted when I fly the cubs or small cessnas. It’d be very nice if I could have a controller profile for each plane and the game automatically selects the controller profile for the plane I load in.

I don’t know if this has been requested already, but I would like to see plane-specific control profiles. In other words, I would like to assign individual control settings (e.g., axes assignments for one/two/three engine prop/turboprop/jet planes) to specific planes, which get automatically loaded when selecting the plane.


+1 to this. Particularly when switching between multi and single engines, having to go change profiles manually is a bit of an inconvenient extra step.


FSUIPC might be your friend


Thanks for the tip! I had a look at that tool already, but since MSFS has control profiles in general already, it seems to be a little bit inconvenient to me to use a separate program for that. However, since the latest beta version can be used for free until end of October, I may give it a try.

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Thank you. I was hoping to be able to set up my controls within this sim. However, after hours of no success, it looks like FSUIPC is still the answer.

+1, Yes please. Was one of the first things I noticed that was “missing” for me. This should be pretty easy to add support, so hopefully it will come after the bugs are fixed.


It would be nice to be able to assign the controller/s to an specific aircraft. So you could use the yoke for a Cessna, the stick for the Airbus or another stick for helicopters. Or you could assign a quadrant with throttel, prop and mix for the Cessna and another quadrant for the use with an Airbaus or Boeing for example. No need to switch between the controllers - similar/ equal to X-Plane 11.

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Can’t you do that by saving individual profiles?

Yes, that would be fantastic! The other thing that would be great, is a replay camera. I’ve had the sim for a week now, and no idea what my approaches and landings look like.

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You can set each one up individually, and save them. You just need to manually select which profile you want before each flight if you change aircraft

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OK, so I could setup a collective controller (as throttle 1) for an helicopter and also another throttle controller (as throttle 1 too) for the airbus ? And before I choose the heli or the aircraft I can choose which one I will use and there would be no interaction ?

So I will give your hint a try !


Ok, I gave it a try. But it doesn´t work like I mean.

Best example for the best solution in this special case is X-Plane 11 !


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One feature I really found useful in X-Plane was to able to assign different control schemes specific to each aircraft. For example I set up two profiles for my throttle quadrant, one for airliners, where the prop and mixture handles are used for flaps and speedbrakes, and another for GA aircraft. where of course I have prop and mixture control. X-Plane allows you to have it automatically switch to the specified profile when you load in the aircraft. So for example if I hop into the 172 I can control my mixture, but if I change over to the 737 I can use those same controls for flaps and speedbrakes

That being said I am aware you can just switch between a airliner and GA profile in the menu, but I feel like being able to assign them to aircraft to automatically switch to would be a nice quality of life feature

I wish we would had profiles we could save to aircrafts. When we change aircraft it would change controller profile automatic. Example from C172 to A320 the prop and mixture would had been flaps and speedbrake. Please vote this up :slight_smile:

You copy a (default) profile and rename that; starting using another aircraft just change the profile.

…that’s not the same as “[…]it would change the controller profile AUTOMATIC[…]”.

… and therefore this subject is placed in the category Wishlist …
And whether this can be automated, you should configure an aircraft specific profile anyway.
Just wait and see what FSUIPC7 can do for you in near future.

I agree. Individual controller profiles for individual aircraft is the way to go. DCS does it this way - essential considering the diversity of the planes modelled. This FS 2020 method is as adopted in all previous versions of FS and I have never liked it.

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This is also an issue with the instrument views. I was flying a C172 a lot and had intrusment view 3 bound to a button so I could quickly see my throttle settings. When I moved up a to a C208 instrument view 3 is no longer the throttle quadrant but is the electric management panel the throttle quadrant is now instrument view 4.

It would be very helpful if the instrument view numbers could be standardiszed between planes big or small.

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