Ability to have separate control setups for each aircraft without having to manually switch between 20+ controller profiles?

FSUIPC does that (don’t know if does that already - beta).
I’ve also seen a mod that can switch device profiles (somewhere).

Would up vote if possible.

SPAD does just thus, allowing me to switch configs automatically based on what it gets from SimConnect. I would definitely vote for this.

still no solution?

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I would like to have individual profiles for each aircraft as well.

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It would be really nice to be able to assign the controller/s to an specific aircraft, like X-Plane 11.

This would be really helpful, maybe for a first step, make changing between profiles easier with a dropdown menu instead of switching one by one.

A drop/down menu would be great! My thoughts exactly.

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Exactly what I was just thinking. There’s my vote.

It would be very nice if we could have an automatic change of profiles in preset manager, depending on which aircraft I chose in World map.
So if I have different profiles for each plane, the system will recongnice which aircraft I have picked and choose the corresponding profile.


Automatic would be great, but just a drop down list would be helpful. Most of the UI design could be improved.

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Still no any news or progress or ETA?

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Now, with the DC-6 we definitely need individual profiles for each plane.


I have a lot of peripherals, and custom profiles for every single aircraft. If i change aircraft i manually change every one of them.

Is there a way to make a profile group so i can change 1 profile to change them all?
Or maybe a way to assign profiles to aircraft so it automatically changes?

Maybe i’m missing something but i think that should be possible and easy to implement?

Exactly how XP works, assign an aircraft a profile you create with the devices you need in that profile and each aircraft you load auto configures with those settings so you don’t have to manually change each time for each aircraft

Exactly, it is the first plane where I thought "I could wiggle my way through before, but 1 throttle assigned for 4 throttles that need constant adjustments won’t really work here…
So setting 1 or even 2 profiles per plane and not per controller would be great.
And now that we are at it, it would be nice to make combo binds (e.g. pressing control and a button on the hotas, this is currently not possible to bind)

You can combine multiple keys. The keys probably need to come from the same device, and the device needs to support simultaneous keypresses.

Spadnext works the best for me. a profile for every plane and chopper that auto swaps accorningly

And additionally they could place this Dropdown below the Airplane selection cards and persist the setting :slight_smile:


bonjour à tous et à toutes

Pensez vous qu’il est possible de créer ou de trouver un programme existant qui ferait que en sélectionnant un avion la sélection
des contrôleurs (yoke et autres)se fasse automatiquement, bien sûr après l’avoir créer …
Hello to all

Do you think that it is possible to create or find an existing program which would make that by selecting an airplane
the selection of controllers (yoke and others) is done automatically, of course after having created it … …