Ability to have separate control setups for each aircraft without having to manually switch between 20+ controller profiles?

This to my mind is essential. How difficult can it be to save the control profiles for each aircraft and then load them the next time you fly that aircraft? X-Plane does it routinely.

Use FSUIPC7 for exactly this reason

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Not sure how you tried this, but it does work. What to do is save a setup for each plane for each controller. If you don’t want to use a particular controller for a particular plane, then set up that controller as all unmapped for that plane and save that. Then when you switch a particular plane, just set all your controller profiles to the saved settings for that plane, and you are done.

Ok, now I got it. Oh man this solution is really not the best one. Changing the aircraft means a lot of adjustments/ changement in the controller(s) setup page. If you just use 1 controller ok that is no problem, but if you use multiple controllers it is too much work. A much more better solution is to asign the controller(s) to the plane profile. That means by choosing the aircraft the controller(s) setups will be loaded automatically with the plane. I am sad with the MSFS solution. Just too complicate and tedious. The X-Plane controller setup is much easier/ better.



I agree… much easier in X-plane. It should not be that hard for them to change the code so that it remembers which controller setup goes with which plane. I believe this should already be included. I wish this could get voted high enough for them to take a look at changing this:) Please give this a wish list vote up top if you read this.


FSUIPC is payware. This is not opnion


What I like that is when a aircraft is selected the person has a option to go back to a default settings for a control like a flight yoke. Then when changes are make, they can save it to a new profile for that aircraft. When a second plane is selected a new profile is created for that, Different profiles are nice because some actions do not apply to a different plane, a twin engine to a single for example.

What I would like see happen when the plane is loaded for the flight, the profile that was setup for the plane would automatically load instead of the user going into the controls and select the correct profile.

This is how I assign actions to a plane and I save the profile name with the type of aircraft it is, DA62 for example.

Also I would like to know how to delete a profile for a device such as a yoke when I do not need it anymore

It would be nice to be able to set independente Control presets for each aircraft that would load automatically according to the selected aircraft.

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I permit myself to up this topic, since the actual controller settings is very limiting and tedious when you fly different planes all the time.

The best would be a DCS-like control menu, for now I haven’t seen anything better than what DCS does in terms of easy to use and possibilities with the mappings, modifiers and aircrafts list.

Having different mappings for each planes separatly is a MUST I’m surprised this topic isn’t raised more than that

Now I have a Honeycomb Bravo, with changeable throttle controls this is definitely a good idea.

the way x-plane does it is fabulous…simple, effective…per aircraft configurations with the ability to create a new config for an aircraft based on a config for an already existing one…default to start with, then whatever you’ve created otherwise…

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It is done automatically in X-Plane 11. So why not also in MSFS ?

I explained that on Sep 20th; make a Vote …

I use a Warthog HOTAS and in most cases the left and right throttle are used for engine 1 and (if present) engine 2. However, when flying the 747, because I don’t have 4 throttle axes, I’d prefer to just adjust all 4 throttles on one axis, which I would like the sim to remember.
I can do this in X-plane and would love to see a similar control profile scheme here in MSFS.

Just use Power management/Throttle/Throttle Axis … thats all

Thanks FSEindhoven, however mapping the control isn’t the issue. The wish is aircraft specific profiles that would negate the need to unmap and remap the controls when flying a different aircraft.

As a simple example, I have to change throttle profiles going from a single engine to a twin. Would be nice to have an option somewhere to save this per aircraft. Would be even more useful for those with more hardware (yoke, stick, airbus specific throttle).

Consider renaming each peripheral setting by the plane’s name? Then before flying in a different plane go and use that plane’s peripherals.

When I move away from the TBM shortly, I will be doing that. Select the defaults for that peripheral, it will prompt you for a new name upon changes, then name it to CJ4.

I’ve already done that, got multiple profiles setup. Point is to then be able to save that to the plane, so you don’t have go in and change the profile when you select a new plane, you’ve already set it.


Totally agree. The controller configs should save with each airframe type. Also, I would like to see pilot profiles at startup…my son likes his controllers set up slightly differently than I do and his assistance settings…