Ability to interrupt ATC

I know you can’t do that IRL, but that’s because you don’t need to.
I just got cut off FIVE times when trying to reply (acknowledge) to an ATC transmission when I was in an extreme hurry. i need to acknowledge-> tune-> contact-> request change runway because I just noticed a traffic overtaking me is going to use the same runway as I do, and it will circle on final causing me to overtake it, only to have my landing clearance revoked due to “not landing in order”.

There are so many things in this equation that necessitated interrupting ATC:

  1. real life ATC do all the spacing job for you.
  2. real life ATC don’t bug out when you request change runway after IAF.
  3. real life traffic don’t circle on final to descend
  4. real life FMC doesn’t cause CTD (there is no CTD IRL) when you go around and input new approach.

But they all happen in MSFS.
If I don’t request change runway in time, I will be ordered to go around because I was “supposed” to wait for that traffic. And then go around will cause CTD because I need to reset approach on FMC, thus destroying my entire 2.5 hour flight.
Five AI traffic transmissions, jeopardizing my entire flight. That’s what it is.
and thus I needed to request change runway post-haste. And yet the ATC just decided to interrupt me 5 times by calling traffic A to also change channel, traffic B to report traffic, traffic C to contact tower, and then two of them had to interrupt me by responding. By the time I was able to request, I was <5nmi from the “no change runway or else destroy ATC” point.

Let’s face the fact: MSFS is practically a single player game. The only ATC transmission that matters is the kind that involves THE player. Every other transmission is just there for the feels, and should not jeopardize the flight of the player.

I would therefore suggest having an option under the greyed out ATC options when someone else is talking: “Select to stop playing transmission and interrupt”.

Has MS / Asobo actually ever said that they intend to improve ATC, and if so, when did they say that, and what did they say would be improved, and what the timescales might be.

Did they also indicate it it would be an update, or a complete Modern re-write, ditching the model based on the dated FSX ATC system ?

I heard they said there will be and it will be worked on by a team called Working Title. Nothing more specific.