Ability to save Aircraft to favorites list

None that I’m aware of. Since I never fly airliners, I’ve gone into the content manager and uninstalled the airliners. I’ve only got about a dozen A/C in my “hangar” right now. I figure why have them if I don’t fly them? As an added bonus, I think it saves loading time too…

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I think I’ll do the same. It might make it more exciting when I’m ready to try something new. I can redownload them and it will feel like I’m treating myself to some nice new DLC!


It absolutely does! I‘m at 6 planes only atm. There is just no point in having all the default aircraft installed that don‘t fly anyway.

I definitely agree. I wish there was, at a minimum, an easier way to organize them. I currently have 88 aircraft, and it can be a huge pain trying to find the one I’m looking for.

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It was way better in FSX. Don’t know why they tried to reinvent the wheel.
The present method is clearly less suitable if you have more than a handful of aircraft.


It is a valid point. I often felt the same but kept it to myself. A favorites tab would be of much help.


I second that!


It’s someone’s job at Asobo to work on the UI, this is a valid point being made that things could be better (Favourites for example). It’s the little things that add up to a lot, regardless of your personal feelings on the subject.


You are guit right it would be helpful if asobo added a favourites tab on the aircraft selection screen where users can place their most used planes.

OK… agree but really sometimes seems that nobody speak about good features…

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Out of pure curiosity i just timed the start up of the Sim with everything installed, then I went back and deleted all the aircraft I never fly plus some landing challenges and Bush trips…I shaved a total of 5 seconds off the 2min+ loading time…:laughing:


It depends, if someone uses VATSIM (such as myself) then they have to. Most of my flying in MSFS is done in the 152 however if I didn’t have the others installed then vPilot will spam me with errors.

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It doesn’t seem much additional work to streamline the interface. For me, a favorites tab combined with the livery remaining what was previously selected for each plane by default would eliminate 90 percent of the problem.

It’s literally creating an additional tab and changing a value to remember livery rather than reset it.

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Agree 100%, a simple “favorites” flag and the ability to sort the favorites first would be super helpful. Ditto on airports for that matter, I wish I could favorite airports in the world map to.

I’ll create a idea for this when I have a few seconds.


Never assume anything to be “not much work”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t that easy for the devs the way they use addons for AI too. It could totally be that reorganising the airplanes list would affect other parts of the sim. It wouldn’t be our fault and I agree that this long and slow list is not the best solution but it could take a LOT of work to do that. At least we have a search bar above the aircraft list.

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I have a couple of topics for you to visit and vote if you’re interested :smiley:

I guess a couple of these improvements will get you closer to what you want.
But I wouldn’t hold my breath. I don’t think they fullfilled any UI wish so far, and the amount of UI changes since launch has been very limited.

Either they don’t have a UI team (not a single dedicated UI dev? :frowning: ) or for some reason they need to redo a lot of the UI for the Xbox release.


If UI (front-end) development is interfering with anything back-end related I’d have no hope for the devs. :smiley:
Luckily front-end and back-end code are usually clearly separated pieces of code. :wink:

I mean… yeah… :smiley:

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Seriously, they would not have been able to build this sim if they did not stick to this practice.
(and they would not have been able to graduate, get a job and stick to that job as a dev)

Normally a UI doesn’t come up just because you cut the engines. Normally a menu doesn’t appear every time you move the mouse. Normally the mouse wheel wouldn’t turn the rotary knob of the GPS when you left the screen to the right for your second screen and the knob is at the edge of the window where you left the screen. There is live traffic visible on the world map. There are way too many things that haven’t been thought to the end to assume anything as usual. Many things that seem to be little work are scheduled for the backlog. I don’t know how to develop such a game but I know from many developers that the expectation of “little work” doesn’t exist. So suggestions and complaints should be made but never expect it to be implemented quickly.

Edit: since WU4 which added in-game content ALL my airports have a third party content symbol. These things are connected so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if the layout had any impact.