Ability to save Aircraft to favorites list

That has nothing to do with the separation of front- and back-end? That’s just a bunch of strange (nearly objectively bad :stuck_out_tongue: ) UX choices.

UI features like suggested above are not the end of the world type of suggestions. These shouldn’t take too long to implement.
The problem I see is that they either don’t have a dedicated UI team to take these on, or the team is busy with preparing some stuff for Xbox. (I hope the latter, but I fear it’s the former)

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Have to agree. Having pretty much all available aircrafts, just yesterday I was thinking “there has to be a better way of doing this” when looking for an aircraft. At least the search function is useful… if you remember the plane you’re looking for!

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I like how they do it in X-Plane 11.

Especially because you can favorite aircraft, so they are placed on the top of the list of planes.


It would be nice to always have your airplane selection cursor on leftmost airplane… and MSFS could sort the aircrafts in order of use frequency. Leftmost plane is your favorite because you fly most times with that. Next one is your second most frequent choice… and livery is kept. No selections or extra buttons are needed…

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To be fair I didn’t notice the search bar!

The world map’s Airport drop-down menu does indeed remember the recently used airports.

Agree, it does remember the last couple of airports. I’d still much prefer the ability to click a little star icon and have those airports sort to the start of the list. If I choose to fly in a different area for awhile, would still like my favorite airports to show to the top of the list.


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Yes. A favourites tab is an absolute no brainer.
I know MS/Asobo can work in mysterious ways, but the omission of such a standard feature
is just …odd.

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including the non-persistent map view filters…


I’ve not retested, but there was a bug where they were not persistent if you used the reset button, then customised them. If you launch the sim, customise the filters but do not use reset, it at least used to remember. I distinctly remember having NAV aids on after a sim restart.

I find it hard to believe we fly every craft in the list all the time. I have 4-5 planes I aim at depending on what my aim is for the flight. Scenery is a low speed plane or med speed depending on distance, And for long distance one of the jets. It would be nice not to have to trawl through a lot of planes when I know exactly what I am aiming for.

+1 on saving home airport!


can we get a feature to favor planes in the hangar so we can pick our top four planes and see them on top? It’s quite annoying to scroll down through all the different planes and variants.



Especially with the bug introduced in SU5 where all scrolling lists are only showing the next row when it can display in full, leaving the bottom area empty when you scroll up until it pops in all of a sudden. This is happening for the aircraft list thumbnails, but also with the controller assignments, the settings, everywhere.

I removed a few planes and liveries which I never use with the content manager, but not all planes are possible to delete there.

Good idea. It would be needed for airport too: ability to define home airport that could be reached easily.

Nice idea, a favorite plane + associated liverie (keep the last/favorite selected liverie even if i used another diffrent plane before) for quick start would be welcome.

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I’d like that MSFS add a simple ‘Favorite Aircraft’ option so you don’t have to search for them every time. The list of airplanes is increasing and it becomes more chaotic to look for the airplanes that we usually fly. I think it would not be difficult to implement. Thanks.

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It’s odd that we can specify favourites in the Marketplace.

+1 Add a ‘Favorite Aircraft’ option when selecting aircraft for a flight.

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