About Asobo und Microsoft s good Work

9 months ago, MSFS 2020 was released. As an experienced pilot and flightsimer, I had seen and written about many weak points in this simulator. I was of the opinion that MSFS 2020 needs at least 1 year to develop further so that it is in good shape.

In the meantime, I’ve only flown the Aerosoft s CRJ 550/700 once and I found it very good. This was the first serious step to see the improvement of MSFS aircrafts.

Now after 9 months of patience, I’m back again and what I see in “Performance” of the simulator is very good progress. I work with a medium computer and although my setting is all medium, the performance and images and aircrafts have become quite good and acceptable.

I now like to do all my VFR flights with MSFS 2020 and hope in the next 6 months that the updates make MSFS Aircrafts ready for real IFR flights.

I would like to thank the people in Asobo and Microsoft for this good work.


I don’t have any problems doing IFR flights with different aircraft in MSFS.


Yes. One persons assessment of the current state of play, reasonably expressed.
Quite refreshing really!

I feel I can match your worthy feat of patience with my own approach to MSFS 2020.
At the outset I made the decision to limit - for now - my flying exploits to exclusively local destinations.
I am based at EGCC [Manchester UK] and the furthest I have so far ‘test’ flown is south to London [to check out FPS rates] and north via the Isle of Man and the Lake District to the Borders [to check out the visuals]. Of course these flights are adequate for assessing flight dynamics and cockpit systems too.

My hope is that at some point - sooner rather than later - enough bugs will have been addressed, the flight dynamics will have so improved and enough WU’s will have been released that, when I do finally ‘break out’ and embark on my first RTW [sorry, round the world] trip with MSFS 2020, the world will quite literally be my oyster.

So then, the best laid plans of mice and men/women, eh!



We can discuss about making this statement after the crazy U-turn approach and USR waypoint bug is fixed.


You can still fly SIDs, STARs and approaches by looking at the charts.

Yesterday I had problems with the CRJ loading a STAR, so I checked out the charts and used the VORs/NDBs to follow the correct route.

On RNAV procedures you can check the heading information and use the heading mode to follow the lateral path.

Don’t get me wrong, I also want this issue to be fixed. But it is not impossible to do IFR because of this issue.


Of course you can fly IFR, I’m doing it all the time. Never said it’s impossible.
What I said was, it is not “problem free” until waypoint management works as intended. The U-turn bug is one of the major issues.


For IFR I almost exclusively fly the FBW A320 development or experimental versions that have their custom autopilot. If you haven’t done that and are relying on the sim’s default aircraft, I highly recommend trying it. It is where all development will end up I’m sure especially now that FBW are partners. There are still minor bugs so that’s why it hasn’t made it into the stable release yet but I fully expect that won’t be long. All the major Youtube A320 pilots, some of which have actually flown real life A320’s, love the work.

Of course this is a major team of programmers donating their efforts into just one aircraft, a luxury Asobo doesn’t have since they are addressing so many different areas of the sim and actually have to pay for their resources. I’m sure they will continue to improve. It’s just a matter of patience. Clearly modeling all aspects of IFR flight is not just some easy code tweak.

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They should be thanking us constant flight simmers for taking our money and delivering a half finished product at full price!


Yeah, my only gripe now is the super dumb ATC, I’m not sure when it will thoroughly be fixed.


ATC definitely needs some work done to it. I recently started using Pilot2ATC and could never see myself going back. Great program and you can download additional voices for free that aren’t so robotic. Free 10 day trial as well.

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$60? The entire game costs $60 and the presentation of that addon is, to be brutally honest, appalling for a piece of software released in 2021.

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this is problem of NAV DB and sim as is, not IFR flight possibilities with MSFS. You can everytime change FPL as you need, of course if understand to FPL and planning IFR flights with procedures. I can confirm, still many functionalities are missing in which does flight under IFR more complicated than helpful to pilots trainings and flight joy.


They got my hard earned coin for this game. No need to thank them for anything.
If good old Billy G did a freebie on this one, like ‘here old chap, this on is one me’, then I would say ‘Thank you, Bill, very nice of you’. But as it stands, I paid, they delivered (a bug ridden piece of software at release), we are more than even.


Neither of those statements is fair. Have you tried it?

Fair has nothing to do with it, for $60 the developer needs to up their game in terms of UI and general presentation. I would not even consider installing an application that is presented in such a way. A big part of my professional job is user facing design and interaction and this product, does not impress me at all.

I don’t want to hijack this thread because the topic author was giving good feedback.

I do feel though, that our discussion is a good one. I ask again, have you used Pilot2ATC? I personally believe that the user interface is great. Besides, it’s an ATC program, most users minimize P2A and don’t look at the UI besides flight planning.

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Oh I have to agree with you on that one. When you are 15 miles from the airport needing to get down to 2500 ft to intercept a glide slope and ATC gives you the command to go to FL220, all you can do is laugh at them and get harrassed every minute or so.

Interesting all the people screaming about what the simulator should provide for $60. I wonder how many of those voices are hard core gamers that routinely spend that much or more for some new first person shooter game (that are always full of bugs at release) and what they are getting is essentially a canned environment that has boundaries and all elements of the world are known and contained.

Yeah it’s a chunk of change but I always remind myself that commercial flight simulators used by major airlines have none of the full world immersion of FS2020 and the software for those costs millions. A decade ago none of this would have been possible. I think in times when a helicopter is flying on Mars, it’s easy to take the amazing advances we’re seeing for granted. Sure, point out bugs but in a constructive manner. Frankly, all the whining and demands are getting tiresome.


What do you use to connect Pilot2ATC to MSFS? I am considering getting it, but not sure how it connects.

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It connects to FS2020 via FSUIPC which is free and is used by many other add-ons. P2A has an installer that is easy to use. You do need a microphone to use it which should be obvious! Give the 10 day trial a try and see if you like it. There are really detailed instructions on their website on how to set it up and the key phrases you will be using to talk to ATC

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