ABOUT New A320NX Upgrade installation

Hi everyone, I have encountered a problem and have been unable to find a solution. It is about installing the latest A320NX file. After following the tutorials on online videos and forums, I entered the game and found no changes. My MSFS is the Steam version, and I chose a custom path during installation. I did not use the default installation path. I also found the Community folder in my custom path, and at the same time I put the A320NX folder in Inside. But after entering the game, nothing has changed. I would like to ask friends who have encountered this kind of problem, how did you solve this problem. Thank you for your precious time~^_^

Hey @Brave0519! Welcome to the forums!

You won’t notice any difference in the menu after installing the A32NX mod. Its not a separate aircraft, its built on top of the existing A320neo. If you’ve put “A32NX” into your Community folder then it should be installed correctly. You will need to load a flight and test new features to make sure.

If you installed the stable branch then you may not notice much of a difference in the aircraft itself. This is a brand new project, still actively being developed. This branch will receive more updates as bugs are fixed and features become stable. The unstable dev branch is what contains most of the new features of this mod. Please keep in mind, it will be subject to bugs due to being a developer build. From my personal experience it has worked out great though. See you in the skies!

What I’ve noticed is a different behavior of the dev branch in my hands compared to what some videos show. For instance, after turning on battery and external power PFD/MFD panels remain off, instead of displaying error due lack of alignment. But maybe it’s my fault or a bug in the code itself.

You’re likely on a different build then. Its constantly being updated. A recent update changed the behavior of the displays to start with the brightness level all the way down. You will need to turn up the brightness after turning on the battery and connecting to Ground Power. The aircraft will go through a self-test. Refer to the image below for specific locations within the cockpit.

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I’m on 0.1.1 if I recall correctly. If that’s the case it would be an important point Squirrel failed to mention in his video (or maybe that was before the update). That would make total sense, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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Dev-0.1.1 is the name of the branch for Development use, experimental features, etc.

The way GitHub works is that you can commit new changes to a branch. Even though somebody may be on the same branch as you, they could be ahead or behind in commits. This display change happened a few days ago I believe, so it likely wasn’t available at the time of the video being created.


The stable version introduce some ecam pages, mainly the APU page works well
The dev version enable some switch like Adirs, Seat Bealts etc. But for me, the APU page doesn’t work

In any case is a great job

For the upgrade simply replace new A320NX folder with one

Indeed, that was the case. A little bit embarrassing on my behalf. Thanks for your help!

Ok, I put the A320NX in my community folder, and nothing has changed, I have flown the aircraft several times, and nothing has changed. NOTHING HAS CHANGED! I see a lot of responses, but no one has responded to the first persons post, other than the one about starting it after putting it in the community folder…NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Can someone put a step by step installation process here for us 2020 newbies, please.

You need to download the zip file, extract the A32nx file from it. When you’ve upzipped the folder, open that up and inside is a file called A32nx. That’s the one you put in the community folder. That should work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Download their installer and tell it to install the dev branch. It will find your folder and you need the dev branch to get it to work at least for a bit longer due to yesterday’s sim update. The current release version is broken. Though I’m sure they will have an official release version update soon if you don’t want to use their installer. You can’t download the latest master branch (dev version) directly anymore and just drop it in without building the project.

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after the last FS 2020 update I had to re install The Who;e sim, I have placed the latest A320nx patch to no avail. still the vanilla A320, I even tried the original "installer’. with the Dev Branch. still just the original
Suggestions ??

Hello all

Having an issue with the tug, when I request a push-back, the tug hooks up, but it doesn’t do anything. I have to user my reverse thrusters to back the plane up. Any suggestions?



If you’re using the A32NX pushback from the EFB you need to press the down arrow to get moving. Just remember to disengage the parking brake and brakes.

Nope, down arrow does not work, and yes my brakes are off

Please create a new topic for your issue. This topic was about installing the A320NX mod.

I am closing this topic.

Thank you!