About Next Level racing motion V3 for simming

Hey @ClayishCoast9 Did you manage to get it running? We need info about how it works with MSFS :slight_smile:

Haha no not yet. The main box with the frame and chair only arrived yesterday (been staring at my lonely motion base for 5 days and wondering…). Got some business to do today and tomorrow, so won’t be assembling until Sunday. :grimacing:

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Great! I just bought a new car 3 months ago so I´ll wait for black friday and get the GTTrack or just the chair (haven´t decided yet it´s a matter of enough room). I know the GTTrack has wheels but I guess they won´t work with the V3. Would be ideal for me if they do so I can move the rig from one room to the dining room where I have my PC, but I see no easy solution unless I buy just the chair. After I get the cockpit on black monday my plan is to buy the V3 by christmas.

ED: I said black monday instead of friday–what the… xD

Hey @chass32, @clayton41158342

FINALLY got it all up and running this morning. Been a bit of a chore at times … needed to rig up a mouse table and do a little carpentry to get the throttles in a useful position. The mountings provided are quite low - okay for military style HOTAS, but for a more ‘civilian’ style airplane I needed to add some spacing. With the GTTrack frame and motion base, the seat is fairly high (about the same as normal desk seat height) so the position is quite upright - might be a bit inconsistent for car racing, but works pretty well for flightsim. I did have to put the pedal tray in reversed though, otherwise the pedals would be too far forward. Lots of scope for adjusting things though.

Also discovered that my recently acquired and beautiful Virpil pedals are waaay too wide for the GTTrack frame so some further engineering is required. The NLR gear does go together easily though and seems robust.

Just completed my first flight in VR with motion … wow … neat experience! Everything worked pretty well ‘out of the box’ MSFS driven motion was fine and VR compensation must work … didn’t notice any odd or inappropriate head position - all seemed natural. I haven’t played around with any of the settings, figured I’d get a bit more familiar with it first. Landed my Piper Warrior in a field … boy, that was bumpy!

Bit too early to give an objective view. I need to do a bit more flying first. I should be cutting the grass this afternoon … but I hear a venerable old DC6 calling my name :rofl:


Thanks! @ClayishCoast9 your review is like the ones I´ve read before that confirm V3 is a pretty nice piece of hardware for flightsimming.
I´ll use it mainly for MSFS and Il-2 sturmovil, and I´ll try it for simracing, (I have a G25 somewhere) but I got really sick racing on VR (someone told me that sickness almost disappears thanks to the motion platform),


Great thread and thanks to all. I too am researching the Next Level Racing v3 option versus the full motion setups from DOF Reality (the H2 and P2) that move the entire cockpit. Does anyone have that type of setup and would you recommend that versus the chair movement only of the NLR kit? I also think the DOF Reality H2/P2 have a larger range of movement and faster speed but clearly there are a lot of fans of the NLR setup as it’s simpler to set up and may be just right for flight sim without the size of the full motion platform of the DOF kits. It’s not obvious to me which one is preferable and they both have a lot of fans.

I can´t say much about DOF reality since my “research” was mainly directed to the NLR V3, because I wanted my motion platform to be silent, which the V3 is, much much more than the rest (included the DOF). And I wanted it to be small. Due some space “problems” I wanted to have a seat and the V3 on wheels so I could move it from one room to another without much effort.
I´m still waiting for the V3, but I got a NLR GTseat add-on and some wheels and it´s super smooth to move around.
Unless you want your motion platform for extreme dogfighting or space simulators, the V3 for civil flying and racing (I´ll use mine for Il2-sturmovik too, cose I read on the forums that some users are extremely happy with it) is more than enough.
If I wanted to move the entire cockpit I would not rule out the new Yaw 2 but I doubt it has (or DOF´s) all the motion that seat have.



Oh, I like that idea of the NLR V3, and their GT Seat Add with wheels for portability…how did you mount your HOTAS setup, did you get accessories for the NLR setup to mount your controllers and keyboard?

Nevermind, I see that NLR has accessories for the keyboard, and HOTAS. Looks like a great portable setup if you need to move it around in the room. Let us know how you like the motion platform with VR combined!

Yep, was writing an answer right now. The best option for the HOTAS is a combat flight pack that they sell around 130 euros. And for the Keyboard and mouse I´ll go for their pole (looks pretty neat, but a bit expensive).
The GT Seat comes with one base (made for a handbrake) that you attach to one side of the chair.

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I finally took the plunge and ordered the V3. Saw a significant discount on amazon and told to myself why waiting for christmas :sweat_smile:
The weird thing is that hey had it in stock, and once I made the order they didn´t give me a delivery date instead they said that will email me a delivery date once the pack is ready (?). They still have 5 in stock right now so I don´t get the "We´ll contact when we´re ready thing)

Congrats, I am still trying to find the best time to ask the wife if I can spend $3k on a toy…will keep at it and would love to get the NLR v3 platform. I did end up getting the next level racing GT track rig, combat flight pack and keyboard stand and love it with my HOTAS not mounted down to the sim rig (and I have a driving wheel mounted as well for sim racing now in iracing). I also mounted a buttkicker and it’s great, really like it for immersion although the software setup required some tinkering to get it to work with MSFS. Let us know how you like the motion platform.

I finally jumped in but to be honest I don´t know when amazon will send it to me. They say they have 5 in stock, still, but no date of delivery was given. So I contacted them and they told me they are not sure if they have stock or not :confused: but will follow my case closer and as soon as they have news they´ll call me back.
The price was pretty good, 2600 euros, so I can wait some weeks until they decide if they have it or not, with a bit of luck they will cut even more and I could get it even cheaper.
I got a GTseat add on and bought the wheel stand DD later (so I ended buying a GTTrack by pieces). I need wheels everywhere so I can move my rig easely. All the reviews and opinions for Flight simming are extremely positive, so I think we will end up with a nice simulator.
What I don´t know it´s if you need a profile on their softwarefor MSFS or you have to create one…

Ok, I convinced the wife to approve this splurge and ordered the v3 motion platform. Will mount it to my NLR GT Track sim rig (used for MSFS and auto racing) and report back in a week or so once it’s here and set up. I’m also running the Reverb G2 for VR (nearly exclusively now for both flight and auto racing), so I’ll report back on how that works with the motion platform movement.

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That´s great mate! Sounds like we both will be having the V3 at the same time. My NLR wheel stand DD arrived today and amazon contacted me by mail saying the V3 will be delivered in 14 days (the amazon web says it can be delivered from the 5th to the 18th, so who knows).
Looks like you´ll have it first, let us know your impressions as soon as you get it!

Good news is that there is a profile available for the v3 so it will work right out of the box. Also, you can make some post-processing adjustment with the software to tweak it if you want to (for example) turn down pitch a bit. The software is really easy to use too.

Less good news is that the profile is a bit primitive. As far as I can tell, it moves the seat based on aircraft motion, rather than acceleration data as it should (lot more discussion about that here if you’re interested). This isn’t a major problem - it’s still a great experience … just could be better with a more sophisticated profile. This should be fixable, but might need more C++ programming skills than I have :sweat_smile:

Let us know how you both get on with your platforms. I can’t fly in MSFS now without VR and Motion running! My only piece of advice … start with something pretty docile - don’t jump straight into the Pitts S2 and start throwing it around the sky! :rofl:


Hey, @ClayishCoast9
Glad to hear that you can´t fly without the V3 and VR! It´s a good signal for the likes of us that are afraid of taking the wrong step after buying such an expensive “toy”.
I wrote NLR asking them about the V3 and its compatibilty with MSFS and answered this:

“The Motion Platform V3 is an excellent platform for flight simulators and will work great with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Telemetry data inside this game isn’t perfect all the time currently however we’re aware they’re working on making it more consistent in the future, we have lots of users using it for this game”

The problem with the telemetry must be the one you mentioned. Hope it gets better in the future.

Btw, interesting link!


Hi! I just got my V3 and having many hours as a real life gliding pilot this behavior is driving my brain nuts. Do you know if anyone found a way to fix it and use acceleration data for turns as well?

Thank you

Hi @TELLURICO1975 So far I’ve not found anything to improve it. I did look through some of the forums used buy guys doing home builds and using FlyPT; also posted a couple of places to see if anyone has interfaced with a v3. Didn’t get any responses at all on that.

I’m still enjoying using the v3 coupled with a Buttshaker which added a LOT to the immersion factor. Just hoping that eventually someone with more programming ability than me will create a more sophisticated profile, or come up with (perhaps just explain) a way to interface flyPT. Unfortunately the last couple of months I haven’t had any time to look at this or even get a lot of hours virtual flying in for that matter.

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Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile:
I have a colleague who could help me out with the C++ profile coding, I wrote to NLR asking if a common user can use their SDK to do that (for free…), I’ll keep you posted.

What kind of Buttshaker are you using? I live in Italy and it looks very complicated to find any here. I was wondering to build a couple myself out of desperation LOL.

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