About render settings - what is the best?

Hello guys, so anyone know what is the best Render scale for 1920x1080 to get more FPS and dont downgraded to much the quality ?

You might want to read the following, it might help you (or not):

Depends what your spec is, mines set at 100% but I fix FPS at 33 via nvidia control panel which is more than sufficient.

I did have render at 130% originally slightly sharper resolution as you would expect but after recent updates I think lod settings at a higher value are better for visuals.

What FPS are currently getting?

Why 33 specifically? Is that arbitrary or does that seem to be a sweet spot for you?

Depending on your GPU turn it up as high as you can until you’re satisfied with your performance.100 imo either way is a bit low for 1080p.

No specific science other than using 1/2 refresh rate via nvidia on 60hertz 28 inch monitor and allowing a little bit of headroom above 30 FPS.

I found more value in increasing lod distance over render scaling after recent updates, depends on personal preference.

Worth mentioning my pc has had a few upgrades but I’m still using an 8 year old ivybridge processor

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My GPU is a RX 5700 XT 8GB

my pc:

i7 - 9700K + 32GB DDR4 + RX 5700 XT 8GB + SSD 1TB + HDD 1TB

i would like to know if i could put render scale at 90% and if it downgraded the quality

I’ve read on here that anything less than 80 is an obvious loss in quality. You will not hurt anything by trying 90 for a bit to see if you can get used to it.


There is no question 80% is less quality than 100%…

However you can experiment everyday converting a PNG image into a JPEG, smaller in file size by 80%, with no loss of perceived quality.

Therefore loosing 20% in 4K is not the same as loosing 20% in 1K (I’m not talking about -20% pixel count of course here but perceived quality), and you can go up to 70% TAA in 4K with acceptable quality vs 100%, and 80% TAA in 4K with nearly no loss of quality at all (and almost indistinguishable quality if you’re older and wear glasses LOL)

Indeed. OP was talking about 1080 specifically, so I recall (maybe even you yourself) mentioning the 80% noticeable difference on 1080.


As others have posted technically yes it would be a downgrade using 90%, but it more depends on what you think when you make the changes and what you see visually.

I set my graphics settings in game by flying doing a test flight at a specific location , pausing and changing a setting and seeing what difference it made visually and seeing the hit on frame rate. There are a number of guides if you’ve seen them that give a summary of the effect of different settings, but it is personal preference together with limitations of your own hardware.

Move render up as far as you can, see what it looks like and FPS hit and then change again, at worst I’ve had a crash to desk probably due to stressing pc.

I sometimes have to change settings if flying in big cities due to frame rate hit.

I’m pushing triples on a 1070 and I have to set the render scale at 90 to make that work without having to turn everything else down. But after some tweaking I think everything looks really good and not a noticeable dip from 100. I tried at 80 but the quality took enough of a hit that I didn’t stick with it. Rocking a pretty solid 34-35fps on average.

I’m running at 4K and just set my render scale at 89 just curious to see how it would be affected and has been mentioned earlier, 80% on 4K is barely noticeable.

Going from 100 to 80 bought me about 12 frames. I was already at 40-45 and now I’m at 55-60, which is pretty awesome. It helps with marginal quality at a busy airport like JFK. I was dipping to 20-25 in those areas, but now I’m staying solid 30-35.