About sensitivity and dead zone

I have a joystick, what would be the best sensitivity settings? And the dead zone??
Write me your opinion and experiences please!

Depends on your joystick. Every joystick is different. You have to try out those settings yourself, or you follow other people’s setup who uses the exact same hardware. Even then, you can still only use it as a base to start on, and you have to adjust them again according to your own personal flying style.

My advice is for the deadzone, leave your joystick alone and look at the dot. if it stays stationary, that’s a good start. If it’s moving around, you have to increase the deadzone.

The trick is, any movement in the horizontal plane is the movement given by the hardware, including your own input. Any movement in the vertical plane is the movement registered to the sim as a valid input. whenever you see a horizontal movement that you don’t give, you don’t want that to move in the vertical plane, so increase the deadzone to keep a longer horizontal line to avoid it climbing up/down the curve.

As for the sensitivity itself, it depends on how you want it. Set it at 0 first and try out some flying, make some movements in your horizontal stick. If you feel it’s too responsive, reduce the sensitivity. And try again. Keep making the adjustment until you find the one you’re most comfortable with.

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