About the snow

Snow can look absolutely phenomenal in the game actually, especially when a thin layer is reported. please Asobo, don’t destroy this state with the announced changes in the snow cover visualization :slight_smile:


I don‘t think these changes will have a negative effect on the visual quality. They just want to use more fine grained data so that the snow coverage is more accurate and we don’t see snow where there shouldn’t be any as it has been the case so far.


What will be changed?

Their weather provider is Meteo Blue. Meteo Blue has pretty detailed data on actual snow pack around the world. Somehow the algorithm converting that data to usable data for snow coverage in the sim is getting less accurate in the conversion, creating snow where there is none. For instance, putting snow in the valleys between snow covered mountain tops. They’re going to work with Meteo Blue to improve the snow coverage algorithm to better reflect the actual coverage.


That second photo is phenomenal!

Default Alps and live wheather.

I hadn’t heard about announced changes to snow cover. Are you saying that maybe soon, entire swaths of the world won’t be covered in snow in mid-summer, any time live weather is selected? And maybe even salt water fjords with swift tidal currents won’t be frozen, as they could never be in reality?

These would be welcome changes. I’d personally sacrifice snow on the mountains for that if I had to, though of course ideally they’ll actually get it right.

Yes, that’s what Jorg talked about in the Dev Q&A. I don’t think you’ll have to sacrifice anything. I think it’s just a resolution issue.

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I haven’t heard of any announced changes to the visualization. If you are referring to the Meteoblue data referenced in the previous Dev Q&A, the plan is to get more granular coverage data. But that shouldn’t affect visualization: It should only affect where snow is.

That’s what we’re hoping for though, right? I think we all agree their rendition of snow-covered surfaces looks good… the problem is that some places are snow-covered ALL the time, instead of just in the winter when it’s actually snowing. I’d like to believe they’ll get around to fixing this one day!

This is the issue I am specifically referring to, and why I believe this was brought up now (15:01):


Sounds promising. I hadn’t noticed before, but it makes sense that all the areas where I see this issue in southeast Alaska are in sea level valleys right next to high terrain covered in ice sheets; Juneau for instance.

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