About unreal weather

is it worth guys is better than default live weather? should i install the unreal weather?

It’s an awesome mod but it really depends on the typ of flying you do.

For VFR, low level flight it is great but if you fly airliners the winds aloft is not modeled to real world. They did add winds aloft but it is based on metar low level winds with some variation and exponential increase in speed as I understand it.

You can install it but only use it if you want to. Live weather will still work. Currently I use live to do airliner flights for the realistic Jetstream and unreal for VFR flights.

sure bro , thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
Because the Live weather by asobo is broken man :confused: … cant wait to see these bugs fixed…

I have not had huge issue with live weather, sometimes an hour or 2 outdated but nothing game stopping.

Try it out though. It really is a great mod.

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Yes me neither bro, but before i was in somewhere that i dont remember now, and in menu it said was a rainny day with dark clouds and then in game was clear sky with thunderstorm :open_mouth: … something is wrong

Same here. Just went to Baton Rouge (where Delta has made landfall). Not a drop of rain…