Absence of live weather

Suddenly I can’t get live weather to work. Wind 270 deg at 2 kn everywhere and skies are wild and blue. I can turn everything else on or off in flight conditions.


Yeah it is a general issue obviously, wait & wait …

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I’ve found sometimes I have to go into the cloud menu and turn live weather off and on again.

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Indeed it will work during flight but not while planning somehow.

Someone here mentioned that you have to start your flight using “clear skies” preset, and then once ingame, to go to toolbar and change weather to live weather. I’ve been doing that since and live weather works 100% of the time.


Yes we agree that in-flight do work, but the rest won’t for the time being, such as live traffic etc. MS definitely’s got something to do about it.

OP only mentioned live weather.

Live traffic works for me. But I guess there are issues with that in some parts of the world. It is generally very good in North America.

I just tried again and can’t get live weather to work from either location. From the in flight menu I choose Live Weather and it reverts back to clear skies and no wind and no clouds. I am just north of Austin Tx which is in North America. Am I doing something wrong?

Try running the sim as administrator

live weather always works for me, follow these steps to fix it.

  1. Run the game as Administrator on startup
  2. Set weather to “clear skies” during the creation of your flight plan
  3. Start the game
  4. Press ESC on your keyboard after loading in and restart the flight
  5. load in again, go to the weather tab at the top of your screen
  6. change clear skies to live weather

give it a second and you will see, the wind be correct and weather.

Followed your instructions several times with no success. In step 5, after the plane is on the runway, I hit the weather (The Cloud) in the dropdown menu, and select “Live”. The term live initially lights up in the box but them reverts to Clear Skies.
Please note that I have experimented changing things in Options and Assistance(?) because I can’t get the G1000 autopilot to work. The plane is falling apart before my very eyes!
Thanks for the help, and I will keep trying.

Live weather not working for me either, no mods or issues otherwise, everywhere just shows clear skies

Are you sure that your data is on?

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