Acceleration during landing

For exemple, on Cessna 172, manual landing at Heathrow; flaps 60% , motor about 30%, altitude less of 100 m, in the axis. Suddenly, the motor increases in speed and the landing is failed.

I think your AI pilot is performing a go-around. Check if you have the AI pilot enabled.

thank you for answer, but what do you say by AI pilot ? is it automatic pilot? if yes, then this one is cut. But it’s possible that the flight director would be yet engaged . isn’t it?

No, the only planes with automatic throttle are the airliners (and the Longitude). The 172 has no automatic throttle response. I mean the AI CO-pilot you engage/disengage via the in-game menu.

Edit: Thanks @Chaezaa :wink:

Would you tell me, where I can find that AI co-pilot in that menu, there is so much different places for various settings, that I’m a little bit lost. Tank you.

Here the AI control is explained to some detail :slight_smile:

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In the sim, here are the locations that have pilot assisted functions.

  • In Options from the main screen:
    Under “Assists”
    Set all “Piloting” assists to “Off”

  • When you are in the sim, from the “winged” sim icon, Open AI Control (icon to the right of the yoke icon), and ensure that “Control Aircraft” is “Off” (button placed to the left).

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No, the only planes with automatic throttle are the airliners.

The Longitude would like to talk to you.


Thank you, i’d forgotten .You’r kind to remember that place.

I thank you much; your advices have been for me, very useful.

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