Accessibility Setting and Graphics Setting each time i launch FS ... what is happening?

Accessibility and Graphics setting… each time i launch FS… ok what is happening now ?

Cant we just play the SIM… any idea whats going on anyone?


Same to me, what happens?

WTF is going on now with FS2020, my setting keeps changing…

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Mine is doing exactly the same…just spent all Sunday evening trying to sort it out but no joy…it is getting to the stage where when you start up there is another problem to contend with,why can we not just play the sim and enjoy flying i can understand we have to have updates but the other things that are happening shouldn’t happen,can some one from the tech side of the company sort this problem out please.

Hit it with big hammer

Your issue might be directly related to this bug post.

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Nothing works for me…I will leave it for now and go and watch Netflix…no bugs there :wink:

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Mine too! Everytime I launch it, it’s like I’m doing it for the first time. All my settings have gone.


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Same here…

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The fix above works. Keep getting an error in the Event Viewer though… so i know it isnt a long term fix

Same here, just started happening this evening, Feb 21.

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I really don’t understand what’s going on. I can see here that many of you are having the same problem while loading the sim. I tried to load it as admin, and even launching it from the Microsoft store directly with the same results. Initially I change the settings but it all goes to square one when restarting. On top of that I’m having issues with the parking spots on several airports mostly payware, and they said it is an Asobo problem, what else is new? I had the sim running decent until now but here we are on square one. It actually looks like it was when I bought it.

Does this also happen with the Steam version? I didn’t start MSFS for 2-3 days out of frustration. Do I have to check out.

I have the Steam version, and no changes have been made there – it’s all normal.

I have the dvd version. From last night i got xbox server disconnects in the game. Then a couple of seconds later it restored. Today it took forever to load the sim, i got al sorts of xbox popups i never have seen before and after multiple ctd’s it more or less works again. I didn’t make changes the last days after the update so it’s weird. I also got photogramaty memory messages and indeed changed graphic settings

The rest of my system works normally and there is no internet connection problem… so i think it’s a xbox server problem.
And from late this afternoon it suddenly works again. Still slow, but it’s working

Cmon guys.
Open your eyes :wink:


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Please use the existing topic in Bugs and Issues so this is kept track of. If you haven’t done so, up vote the one in bugs.

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