Is there a maximum number of add-ons to install?

If there is I doubt anyone has reached it yet. The more you add, the more folders need to be checked as the sim loads, so the only downside is time.

Well it seems that I reach it. MFS2020 loads but hangs around in “checking for updates”
FSX allowed more accessories

Checking for updates hang would be server issue. It’s checking for main system updates. It has no idea about Community updates.

I assume you’ve installed World Update 3 (UK)?

I would keep it to a minimum for now, it can affect stability. And there is enough issues currently.

Yes, affirmative

It is a problem of number of folders, if I delete a folder it finds updates, but when I add it it keeps searching. It is a pity that it does not allow to have as it had in FSX 2Tb of third-party scenarios

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