Accurate plane category

After an update that caused a wave of panic (things seem to start to calm down a bit), my first wish is that Microsoft will stop selling the dream and finally send only the sand …
After all, this SU5 was just downgrading the graphics to improve performance, if I understood correctly.
Although using a mid-high end PC, I don’t have a screen that lets me be shocked at the differences.
No, the problem for me and many others is CTDs caused by addons that no longer work.
Now, why do we need addons? Yes, the graphics, the weather, the autogen of this game are a great achievement, but no aircraft in this simulator are accurate (except, maybe,very simple planes like the C152, for example wiith steam gauges and no automatism)
You choose to represent a modern aviation with full glass cockpits, I agree, but now, assume it !
So my wish is to dispose of a list of accurate planes (not all, not 30 models) but at least one of each category (aerobatic, bush, light, high end light, twin, turboprop, jet and airliner), so 7 or 8, wich can be usable EVEN after a major update !
We don’t need « study level » planes, but only planes with an accurate behaviour, accurate main systems (mixture, fuel flow, for example), accurate avionic (the G1000 still with 10% of his abilities, even with Working Title work), and some eye candy (doors…)
It’s not very difficult : a handful of developers (individuals or groups) have already completely rework almost all of your aircrafts ; and you know where to find it : at the same place where you find the liveries for your commercial communication.
So, contact them, buy their works, and create an « accurate » category of planes which will be maintained over time and will continue to work update after update.
Thank you very much in advance.