Achievement guide and discussion

Yes, that’s another bug. For every bush trip leg you do, the amount on your profile increases. I wonder if that might be part of why the completionist achievement wont unlock for some people

The new patch notes does unfortunately not mention any fixes to achievements

For me the Goldrush and Anemoi achievement got stucked no matter what I do. I’ve tried the teleport in dev mode method workaround and that still won’t help me unlock these two achievements…

will the a320 start up work now?

Wish I could find out but I already unlocked it so there’s no way to really test it. But it looks like some of the old achievements that got stuck for me are progressing again, which is interesting. SIDs and STARs and World Traveler seems to be counting again, though the counter on both have reset, will be interesting to see if they keep progressing or gets stuck like they did

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Have you tried deleting the save game for these bushtrips and doing them again from scratch?

Yeah I’ve deleted them and tried both Nevada and Balkans bush trips two times (Finish one time no achievement then delete the saves and start again) with teleport feature but no luck with the achievements. I’m trying the Balkans bush trip on fresh start without any sim rate increase or teleport to see if I can get it this time.

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Let us know how it turns out. I still have one last bush flight left to do myself, will probably try it out next week

Hey man I managed to get the achievement! It turns out all I have to do if to to fly the trip the legit way. I got the achievement for the 172 bush trip. Now I’m going to fly the Nevada one. Wish me luck lol!

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Happy to hear that! Good to know they can still be unlocked normally

Just confirmed that the Japan tour activity does count towards the weekly activities achievement

A320 start-up still not working for me :pensive:

1) a little annotation for the saddle sore achievement:

tl;dr: 7h53min flight in DA62 without unlimited fuel at low speed/altitude triggered the achievement after touch down, details below

i just got the achievement doing a flight in the DA62 without having unlimited fuel. I loaded up the maximum amount of fuel possible, took my co-pilot along (safety first i guess) and took off at EINN shannon towards gibraltar, starting just at the runway, to not waste any fuel on the ground. AP followed GPS at around 1500/2000ft and I throttled down as much as possible, managed to get the fuel flow down to about 2.8 gph per engine. just as I was about to reach the spanish main land I turned towards LFBD bordeaux.
now for the interesting part:

  • I got the overlay with the achievement as soon as i touched down at LFBD, so no need for the completed flight screen showing up at gate (was a bit worried that i wouldn’t have enough fuel left to taxi)
  • and for the other part: the logbook entry shows the flight at 07:53:29 yet still I got the achievement. the flight counted as my last missing part for the flights of fancy achievement as well.
    I don’t know what went wrong there (paused the game to menu overnight, 8h are rather long starting too late in the afternoon) and continued in the morning, maybe that’s it or they are generous with the 8h mark.

anyhow, the trip added a nice ammount of flight time towards hydroplaning but not night owl oddly enough.

disclaimer: all assists were switched to hard apart from auto mixture and gyro drift, DA62 was in the default livery, in game co pilot all off.

2) does anyone have solid advice on the question if frequent flyer miles is achievable with fuel stops in between and which settings to preferably chose in the in game flight planner?
I tried direct GPS, with two fuel stops in between (EIDW and CYUL), created flight plans in simbrief and entered them in the MCDU. the flight even counts in the ingame logbook as LFBD-KSEA, duration 05:52:07(increased sim rate to speed everything up), but no achievement activated on touch down or plane switch off at gate. (A32nx, my by far most flown aircraft in game which i really enjoy and don’t want to vary from towards the 747 just for the achievement or use of unlimited fuel)
i greatly appreciate any advice from you.


Thanks for sharing, you’re probably the first person I’ve seen who’s actually managed it.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when you pause the game, the world itself keeps running in the background. AI traffic, day/night cycle etc. Could it be that when you paused the game overnight it somehow counted all of those hours as well? I mean you wouldn’t think so given that the log only showed your un-paused hours.

As for the frequent flyer miles, I went with a 747, high altitude airways and flew as fast as I could towards Seattle. I used the repair/refuel command (ctrl + F10) which I suspect might not actually count as assistance. Achievement unlocked upon touchdown.
I’m pretty sure that you need to fly directly, with no in-between landings for it to count, unfortunately

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thanks for your response.
you might be onto something there, I’m going to try it out for hydroplaning. I’m at 99% at the moment, just took off, paused the game and wait for a little more than half an hour just to go back and land, perhaps it’ll unlock 100%. i let you know how it turns out.
I also think that the sim rate might interfere with other game mechanics in unintended ways. after a self inflicted crash right after take off i wanted to get the a32nx back airborne as quick as possible while still departing from the gate. after setting the adris and entering my flight plan I increased sim rate thrice, checked against the clock in plane that time had indeed speed up but the sync time of 5 minuntes stuck with real time. i didn’t file a bug report for them, because I lacked the time to reproduce the issue.

regarding frequent flyer miles: I might try to set up a direct IFR flight plan in game while programming separate routes in the MCDU, do proper approaches for refueling stops - without going for landing/take off clearances hoping that ATC just won’t notice.

edit: the half an hour wait did not work, instead it triggered during my next flight at FL280 with scattered clouds after about 5 min, so that might not be the right solution after all.

For me it was the opposite. I finished Gold Rush and got the achievement. Also, I DID USE time compression on a couple of legs to backtrack when I got lost. But I did it BEFORE THE FIRST PATCH. After the first patch, I could not continue the Patagonia trip. I finished de Balkans, but got no achievement.

Before the first patch, I finished the Nevada trip and got the achievement and I guarantee I DID USE time compression. More than once, in fact. Every leg I got lost, I backtracked in time acceleration, finished the leg and, finally, got the achievement.

My problem is with the Balkans, which I finished but got no achievement. I thought it was because I used NAV autopilot. Reading the thread I get the impression this is not the case. Seems to be a case of luck or black magic…

Hey man! Yes in the previous versions of the game you can use all kinds of stuff to get the achievement but now you can’t. Cuz they’ve fixed it. So what you can do is go to the game folder LocalState/Activities/Missions/ and delete your Balkans_Save folder. Then redo the whold Balkans bush trip without using Sim Rate and Back on Track button. You can use AP and NAV mode it doesn’t matter just don’t enable dev mode and don’t touch sim rate and the back on track button.

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Thank you! Finally someone gave me a clear clue. Will try next.

But before that, I’ve been strugling with My Way achievement. Any suggestions? Now I’m inclined to believe that the culprit is time acceleration as well. Check the second guide made by me. Just follow exatcly what I wrote and you’ll get it.

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