Achievements : ...without help


I made now lot’s of flights wihtout any “help / support” , also lots of flights " > 300miles" , but seems MSFS ( Steam ) doesnt detect that.

Does anybody know what exactly mean "flight / land / … without help / support " ?

Another question ( match not exact to heading ) is about the parking zone. MSFS counts some landings not as it is and its seems it is because of how it determine the parking zone. I’am pretty sure I’am in correct parking area, but msfs does not detected that. Can it be, that MSFS expect an “exact” parking “place”, but we got only the parking “area” from ground ?!

Check this thread: Achievement guide and discussion.

There is a lot information about achievements. It helped me to get some achievement

thanks… I searched for “achievements” , but it gave me no results… hmmm :-/

Players have been unable to unlock this achievement even if all requirements are met, there is currently no known workaround

…and lot more “known issues”

Thus also these simple “achievement” logic is full of bugs, what a shame…