Acknowledgement of bugs/problems

Hi there,

If like me you want to see any official acknowledgement or something else for your reports feel free to reply +1 or discuss about it here.

More we are more we gonna be listened, BTW yelling is not the solution, constructive way everytime is the key to be listened :+1:

My Idea was why not editing topic name like [ACK] or solve etc when an official have take it in account.

Or make something that anyone can see, too many topics avout same subject without any official statement, it’s not critic, I only want things going better.


Assume you mean items reported to Zendesk rather than discussed here?

Both IMO.

Need something to avoid 15x same topic on same problem.

Even on zendesk, a cool thing would be a way to see what have been already reported, then less things to check for devs, less things to ask for us.


The moderators are doing a great job of consolidating things here, just the volume is too big at the moment with many people writing the same thing even if search and add to a thread may help them quicker.

Forum threads are good to see trends, without an accompanying Zendesk ticket they’re of less value.



Even if the problem is the same, different specs can make great differences, the ticket is indeed the first thing to do.

I think MS and Asobo are under the wave hard working, you are certainly in the truth, too many peoples at the same time, look like a usual blockbuster launch.

I dont have this on Steam but on the Steam page i saw a pinned post about known issues.

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Hopefully we will get some sort of roadmap or overview of the development priorities but it’s so early days and I’m sure the devs have more important issues to deal with. I’ve not paid for the game yet (other than XBOX game pass) but the second I feel confident this is going to be supported I’ll be shelling out for the premium deluxe.


Hope we only have to be patient, gonna see how it’s going in few weeks :crossed_fingers:

I think it would only be reasonable to expect that they might report out on issues reported thru zendesk. Which would be great! Just the fact that there’s a readily accessible channel for reporting issues is pretty great!

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I do agree, it would be great to have some kind of official acknowledgement from Microsoft or Asobo of the different issues users are experiencing.
It’s been 3 (work)days so far and no news appart from streaming with Youtubers.
I don’t expect them to find solutions to all our problems right now, but just letting us know that they are taking some of our remarks into account would be cool.

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There is…

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Great reply. Where? I tried to find all the known issues but could only find the top ten. The link to the FAQ has no bullet point on all known issues.
Can you provide one please?


Sorry I had only the top ten as well ! Thats a start…Which are listed on Steam(as I pointed
Out above)

Here’s the top known issues

Here’s more known issues

I suspect they’ve been so swamped that they haven’t updated the ‘more known issues.’