Action Items from Developer Streams need to be addressed in the next Developer Stream

There are often times during the Developer Streams that the guys don’t have all of the information to give an informed response, or they say they think something is a good idea and they will look into it (which is perfectly acceptable!), but it is very frustrating when they say things like this and never bring it up again. The questions never end up getting answered or the problems never get resolved (or maybe they are being actively worked on but the community is never made aware of that).

In the recent live stream, as an example, the topic of the unit of measurement bug came up. A quick recap for anyone not aware (skip this section if you don’t care about this particular issue):

There are 3 options for units of measurement in the sim: US, Metric, and Hybrid.

Unit System Altitude Distance Pressure Weight Volume
US feet natical miles inHg pounds gallons
Metric metres kilometres hPa kilograms litres
Hybrid feet kilometres hPa kilograms litres

This is simplified as there are other units of measurement (eg visibility vs runway length vs length of route may all be measured differently) but I’m just trying to keep the explanation simple.

The issue is that none of these measurement systems actually match what is used by most countries, which is the ICAO standard:

Unit System Altitude Distance Pressure Weight Volume
ICAO Standard feet nautical miles hPa kilograms litres

Because of how this setting is implemented in the sim it is impossible to get all of the units set correctly. Interestingly Martial says in the dev live stream that in France they use feet and miles (and he doesn’t say it but they use hPa for pressure) but doesn’t seem to realise that it isn’t possible to set the sim up to use that combination of units.

This bug was reported as early as the alpha and apparently this was the first any of the guys on the dev stream were hearing about it
Correct units settings! - #34 by stok89
Incorrect Units of Measurement - Needs Addressing

I think it is great that they have acknowledged this issue and it seems like something they are keen to fix, but from previous experience with things like this it will probably never be addressed again (and hopefully the next we would hear about it is in the patch notes of SU16).

I think there should be a section added to the beginning of the dev streams at the beginning where they address any of these outstanding action items that they have previously left unanswered and said they will look into further. Adding this would hopefully result in these questions not going unanswered and keeping the community up to date on the resolution of such issues. It wouldn’t necessarily need to be a part of the dev streams, I would be just as happy if it was added to the weekly development update blog posts as long as they are addressed somewhere (however it seems to me the dev stream would be the most appropriate).


I second that. Personally in the subject of unit of measurements, I would personally scrap the Unit System selection entirely and make it a section instead that would look more like this:

Measurement Option A Option B Option C
Air Speed Knots (kt) Kilometers per hour (km/h)
Altimeter Inches of Mercury (inHg) Hectopascal (hPa) Automatic (let ATC and Flight Plan decide)
Altitude Feet (ft) Meters (m) Automatic (let ATC and Flight Plan decide)
Distance Nautical Miles (nm) Kilometers (km)
Runway Length Feet (ft) Meters (m) Automatic (let Liveries decide)
Volume U.S. Gallons (U.S. gal) Liters (L)
Weight Pounds (lb) Kilograms (kg) Automatic (let Liveries decide)
Wind Speed Knots (kt) Meters per second (m/s)
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Agreed. It could work like the realism settings where there are presets at the top (for realism it is easy / medium / hard / realistic or something) which change all of the individual settings, but then you also have the option to switch the individual ones (which changes the top setting to “custom”)