Activating approach issue on G1000

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When activation the approach on G1000, the autopilot changes course to the departure airport. Has anyone faced this?



Not jet. G1000 is heavy broken. Dont change anything during flight. It can even crash the sim.


If I plan using direct GPS and then load an approach it works fine. If I use IFR low or high to plan then yes, I get the same result. Like @Garack666 said, it’s really broken.

Same for me yes!

It’s broken indeed. Or better said: it never worked. :wink: I myself always switch to HDG mode after activating the approach and fly it ‘manually’. The same goes for ATC btw: as soon as I’ve received the runway to land at I cancel IFR and contact tower on my own. Because ATC is also broken. Or better said… :upside_down_face:


Yep I’ve given up trying to follow “realistic” approaches, I’ll just ask for vectors


sry but you need probably search this forum for similar topics and maybe teach about G1000 functionality. In this side I don’t want to say that there aren’t bugs but make for first complete FPL and then do all type of approaches - GPS/ILS/RNAV or also you can do non precission of course.

FS2020 being used / howto

I’ve been getting this too. Now I just let the Nav take me to the first point of the approach and the approach activates automatically

Some manners please.

I fly G1000 aircraft in real life and the FS2020 G1000 is anything but working fine, let alone perfect.

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I will not go down to your level as clearly you don’t have any manners .

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I agree - though not an expert by any means - G1000 in Xplane seems to work nearly as described in the actual Garmin G1000 manual. MSFS does not. One other issue, though it may just be MSFS RNAV data related, every time I activate a GPS approach the G1000 turns direct to the FAF, not the IAF or IF. It seems to be missing a lot of altitude data too.

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