Active Pause bug: plane "crashing" while standing on the ground

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it has been widely reported that systems like autopilot keep trimming etc while in Active Pause, making resuming almost suicidal, depending on the circumstances.

I now found a different bug:
Standing on the runway before taking off. Hitting Active Pause. Flying around with the drone camera. Eventually I get stall warnings then, after some random time, I fatally crash “damaging my landing gear”. Even when parking and turning off the engine, I get stall warnings.

The controls for the drone camera are not linked to any plane functions.

What am I missing here?

Did you change the weather by any chance? I know this can be bad in the air.

Not sure what the root cause is of your problem, but I often recommend to people to avoid Active Pause. Use “Set Pause On/Off” instead. You’ll need to remap that as Active Pause is well “marketed” in some controllers as a pre-set, but not the Set Pause. The World will still be working around you, as in Active Pause - i.e., other vehicle traffic continues to flow, AI planes continue to fly on their courses, time does pass. But your aircraft is indeed Paused - i.e., if flying you are not building up speed if you were in a slight dive, etc. A lot less “dangerous” if you will.

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Oh, I did not know that. I thought “normal” pause means the game freezes and displays the menu, just like the escape button.

I used active pause to fly the drone to check out some scenery.

No, I use live weather, it was calm, and the plane was standing on the tarmac.

Yep, there’s Active Pause, Set Pause and ESC (Main Menu).

Here is a useful longer explanation.


Yes … this is a bug that has been around basically since the first release …

… but it is not related to “Active Pause”.

Yeah. I was caught out by Active Pause a few times myself. I still don’t understand why a suicide pause would be included but maybe it’s useful to somebody. - once I discovered the real pause option I unmapped active pause altogether. Never use it.

Oddly, I actually read another recent post that points out that ALL pause states in the sim don’t actually stop the time counter.

This sort of makes sense in a persistent world I guess but from that OP’s perspective they wanted the flight log to be accurate for actual time flown rather. It seems with all pause states, that time still passes. Interesting. might have to park up at an airport, hit pause and do the dishes or something …see how much time stacks up

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Yep, plus you continue to burn fuel

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I did think the same about the ESC-Pause (not the PAUSE Active Pause) … but I also see “funny” flight behavior once I resume the flight from ESC-Pause.

When I pause for a long time (like hours) my H145 gets catapulted into some direction so rapidly that it feels like a rocket … going sideways … without flames … :slight_smile:

I need to test if disabling the autopilot will resolve those issues … so far my work around is to simply disable the “overstress aircraft” damage behavior.

(P.S: But the original posts “bug” claim was not really about this … but it was mainly about the “3D scenery getting removed from the GPU” issue, which I linked to in a previous posting)

There is definitely weird behaviour with any kind of pause and smart camera use.
About 50% of the time when you pause (or active pause) jump to smart camera and move around to take screen grabs, finish, then jump back to cockpit view and unpause, the aircraft (no matter what size, small prop->A320) often stalls, possibly from over trimming by AP? and dives down to (usually) the left in a ‘death spiral’.
It happens frequently with Autopilot active. You can sometimes recover by quick manual intervention, but you require altitude and fast manual inputs. More often than not the aircraft crashes in a fast dive.
Other things I’ve noticed, after every pause & jump to external on A320, even if a death spiral doesn’t happen, the Auto Throttle always disengages, every time.
You can get the least amount of trouble taking screengrabs by using External view, Drone/Showcase mode is definitely the worst for me by far for causing these needless ‘death spiral’ crashes.

The only time k have experienced stall, overspeed etc is when using Active pause as the aircraft’s state continues to change.

There was a 100% repeatable bug where exiting to menu (ESC pause) would cut throttle/prop pitch/fuel mix. (can’t remember all axes involved, it’s been a while and it seems to have been resolved.)

There is a less repeatable bug where exiting to menu (ESC pause) cuts the fuel mix or whatever. I have returned a couple of times to discover I am losing power and I don’t think it’s the throttle.
It may be necessary to actually enter the controls config area of the menu in order to trigger this.

Obviously if you have lost engine power and you are in autopilot the AP will just increase pitch trim until you run out of energy and stall.

For me the actual pause works best. I have no experience of this causing a loss of control or power issue when coming out of pause.


Maybe it’s just an XBox thing, but Active pause + showcase is worst case scenario.
I programmed my keyboard with Pause/unpause (P, CTRL-P) for a more regular pause, but it can still happen.
Doesn’t even need to be camera related. One time recently I paused to go do something for 10 min, came back unpaused and immediate death spiral. There is something going on in the flight model that isn’t getting paused on a pause so that it continues towards an bad flight (stalled) state.
Still a huge issue for me on XBox X. I actively avoid screen grabs during most flights right now. It’s probably 50-50 whether it stalls or not.
Should eb noted that XBox screen grabs usually involve XBox green UI windows popping up rigth after saying screen captured, view now/share with friends. So it’s probably has somethingt to do with O/S and FS2020 UI interatction.

Using SET PAUSE ON and SET PAUSE OFF will avoid this (EDIT - whether or not you are using autopilot at the time). It doesn’t stop time or fuel burn but does freeze your plane. You need to set key mappings specifically fot this. See the How to actually PAUSE the sim link in the post above

Will ahve a look again but I already did this-
“I programmed my keyboard with Pause/unpause (P, CTRL-P) for a more regular pause”

Look for these options (search for PAUSE):

TOGGLE PAUSE and TOGGLE ACTIVE PAUSE don’t have the same effect as SET PAUSE ON/OFF. So make sure you set bindings for the two at the top. By default they are not mapped and the ESC/PAUSE keys are mapped to TOGGLE PAUSE and TOGGLE ACTIVE PAUSE respectively as you can see here.

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I’m sure these are the ones I have set, but will double check later, thank you.

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Just checked and I have Set Pause On and Set Pause Off allocated to ‘P’ and ‘CTRL-P’ already.

mmmm maybe something xbox specific then, which is a bit weird

It could well be. Like I say there are XBox notifications that pop up after a screengrab, and are related to the O/S having stored it and then uploaded it to XBox network along with a call to share with friends. I may try looking in XBox settings to see if this notifications can be turned off. They do cause slight jumps when they come and go. Even on a static aircraft on the ground. Not sure if this is entirely related to the pause issue, but I have tried giving them time to complete before unpausing. The XBox is very social media friendly ie capture/upload to mobile app and share from there, all while I have it paused.

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