Active Pause - Please Remove It

Active pause is a pain in the undercarriage.

Now we have it as a button on the tool bar. Also the only button that cannot be configured off.

Personally, I’d be quite happy to see Active pause completely eradicated forever. However, I understand that someone, somewhere may actually like the idea.

Please at least let us delete it from the tool bar. v1.8.3 Tool bar - everything off:

I agree 100%, not only is it fairly useless to begin with. Even the icon they chose to represent the function is not the same scale as the other buttons and there is a vertical line between the icon to its right that doesn’t belong on the display, it just dirtied up the user interface. One thing you don’t mess with is the user interface of a freshly released product without some thought, testing and buy-in from the users.


I agree 100%

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Agree. I’ve never seen the point of Active Pause unless you’re into suspended animation. I’d rather see a button for Active Replay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Better still – Give Active pause the ( configurable ? ) option to SAVE the current AP setting, and turn the AP off, and then restore those setting when Active pause is turned off.

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Not to mention, I’ve had many occasions where active pause just gets the aircraft wound up into a state of confusion. As soon as you turn off active pause, you may go into a steep dive turn, flip over, trim all out of control, etc. I think the AP is trying to continue making adjustments and is confused as to why the expected result is not occurring - so it continues to try and compensate further.

It’s a great idea to be able to pause, jump to the drone camera, and take a nice screenshot of something - but it’s a flip of the coin if you’ll have a good flight after that point.


I haven’t experienced any problems with active pause yet. That button is just awful, though!


Right now, planes are barebones, airliners are toys with 10 buttons functioning. But in a couple of months when complex airplanes start to roll in, you will want to active-pause the game to configure buttons and prepare the plane for your ILS CAT II landing, at least while learning, It serves a lot while learning. Right now the game has too simplistic planes and it would be hard to understand it, but it is a cool feature to have. I agree it should be “removable”, I bet you the dev that did that just copy-pasted 2 lines of code to put that button there, it should be removable if not.


yap, it just doesn’t belong there is what i was thinking right up from the start. first thought i had while stumbling upon it in the release notes was: why was that on anyones list ?!

100% agree … They just need to enhance its functionality, to prevent the plane going unstable, while in Active Pause. ( Deal with AP etc etc )

btw, how can they state that they test when this button is clearly displayed completely wrong?


The button just looks like the UI is bugged. Active pause seems to work ok on the simpler aircraft, but it definitely bugs out with AP on and in certain angles of attack.

I like the idea of active pause, I dont want them to give up on it, but they need to fix it. I think its worth having if they can get it to work.

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I wouldn’t mind the button, IF I COULD REMOVE IT! Like why is this the only button we can’t remove?


they put in in the very very last minute, i guess.

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I agree 100%. I’ve never come back from Active Pause and had anything but a CRASH. Completely useless.


ya, even being new to the sim business but around computers for 37’ish years i wondered from the beginning what that was even all about.

what happended to the good ol’ “pause” as known as “freeze just everything” ?


The icon looks too big (0px padding :P) and there’s no option for removal.
Why? Why did (MS or Asobo) add a feature incomplete and didn’t even bother to test it?
That screams low effort and incompetence, at least launch the game after doing a change to the code. Do you even have a QA Team?

Like, it sounds like I am being an ■■■■■■■ here. But think of it, if they can’t add a simple dumb feature like this how can they patch the more serious bugs? The performance issues, the crashes to desktop, the avionics and AP issues, game physics? I just can’t understand.


maybe that’s the simple reason:

it shouldn’t have been implemented in the first place, hahahah !

Yep I voted for this one. I was not thrilled to see that on the menu bar after the update. Wasn’t aware you couldn’t remove it, I hadn’t tried yet. I rarely use that feature and besides I have set to a button on my throttle if I want to use it. I could do without it completely though. Or they could fix it so it works different. I want it to pause everything so I can still use auto pilot with it on. With plane going nuts after you un pause it is completely useless to me.

Can you move it at least? Like to the other side of the menu bar?

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The “Active Pause” is totally useless since it isn’t a pause at all. The plane tries to fly on and after switching off active pause there’s usually bedlam. During the pause many planes slowly lose speed and as soon as you end active pause the plane stalls or at least starts a dive. And also the AP starts behaving even more erratic, than normally.

I see the use for multiplayer, but honestly I would prefer a normal pause where I could still throw switches and make adjustments like in earlier versions. Basically what happens when I press ESC, but without the Splash Screen.
Whether in multiplayer my plane just stops in midair for other players or disappears temporarily shouldn’t make too much of a difference IMHO.

Oh yeah: and the button is horrid beyond belief. Do away with it please!!!