Active window issues

So I’ve noticed something that I find kind of annoying. If I have the ATC window open and I use my mouse to acknowledge the last ATC direction to me (confirm handoff, instructions, switch frequencies etc.), I can’t control my aircraft (on planes that I don’t use (or don’t have) autopilot) until I click on the aircraft window again. Sure, I can let my ‘co-pilot’ handle the radio comms, but if I ‘fly solo’ I won’t have a copilot to handle radio comms. I haven’t tried this myself but if I use the numeric options, will that keep the aircraft the active window?

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Yes - and it’s twice (three times?) as challenging when acknowledging a freq change, changing freq and contacting the new frequency.

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I also have this issue. Any open sim window other than the main window will cause this issue on my system.

Only small difference is, all I have to do to regain control is move my mouse pointer out of the open ATC window in this case.

Is this a design feature, or is it something that may be fixed in the future?

Seems to be a bug. Same problem here but with any 'extra window like VFR MAP etc. Sim stops taking inputs from my joystick while my mouse is using the map, camera, or ATC window until I click back into the flight sim window.

Crashed a few times that way . Frustrating experience. If our mouse is in any of the FlightSim windows on any monitor, it should still register our joystick inputs!

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