Add a "install previous version" button, please

Hello everybody. As I write this wish, the Patch #5 topic has 831 replies. User complain that with FS2020 they have more crash to desktop (CTD), or control input devices that worked do no longer work and so on.
Therefore Asobo/Microsoft here is the wish: Add a “install previous version” button, please. The function SHALL allow:
If version is the current version, the user can install the previous version The simulator SHALL stay with this user choice UNTIL the user decides to install the current version. The simulator version numbers are examples. In general the user SHALL have the possibility to select between the current (latest) version and the previous version, that is a “install current version” button is needed, too.
Comment: Sorry for you Asobo/Microsoft that you NOW have to provide two versions to the users. But I think this is the best way to handle the disappointment that the patch provided.

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