Add a RAAS system please

In an airliner, when you’re approaching or on a runway, the aircraft says “Approching [RUNWAY NAME]” or “On runway [RUNWAY NAME]”. This system is missing on MSFS and it should integrate it.

This would be great-something that FS2Crew does for other sims.

For X-Plane, there is a plugin called “X-RAAS” that do it very well, I want this add to the sim.

I’m with you. Already voted.

This is optional feature – some airtlines do order it. I believe this is for an addon aircraft not for default one.

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As mentioned above, this system is entirely optional for Airlines and not available on all. It’s not necessarily missing being that it does not come with any airliner - that I know - as standard order. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like it in-game, though!


Sure and I have the solution : this system should be in option in the sim, so you can choose if you want RAAS system or not

What if we get that, those of us who have bought the premium deluxe version?:grin:

Yes hopefully down the road just saw a Aviation video on YT and was like hmm Glad to see it was already posted :slight_smile: