Add a simple anchor mode for water runways

When starting on a water runway it would be very nice to have an “anchor” command that will keep the plane at its current position, so we can perform a cold and dark start without the plane drifting to shore, a dock, buildings or the open seas.

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There have been some other wishlists for this.

The simple solution is to use ‘active pause’. Yes, really! It’s probably the only time the feature has any value.

All active pause does is freeze the aircraft in place…pretty much like an anchor. Perfect for when you are doing preflight and engine start from a water dock, as all that functionality is totally uneffected by the badly mislabled ‘active pause’. Once you are ready to cast off, unfreeze…sorry ‘unpause’, and you are good to go.

They should just create a new icon for it and all it ‘Anchor’

In general active pause wrecks havoc on many payware planes, you toggle it and when you untoggle it anything can happen from total catastrophic failure to nothing at all.

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Really? I know it’s impossible to use in the air and even on the ground with the engines running is high risk as inertial forces build up. But I didn’t know it could actually interfere with the systems.

Returning to you wish…there is a simevent called ‘freeze lat_long’ or something similar. Having that available to bind to a key through the control options would work - I use to bind it to a switch as my ‘anchor’ in float planes.

Otherwise it’s more down to the aircraft Dev. I understand the DHC-2 has an anchor code d in?

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