Add a way to view charts in VR, even if just a web browser

Since VR launched, we have discussed adding a mechanism to view IFR charts in VR. The biggest discussion is here, and it currently has 111 votes (and made it onto the old snapshot):

Briefly, To properly fly in IFR, it’s essential to be able to review approach plates and similar materials. The old thread proposed a comprehensive set of tools as a formal chart viewer. All those tools would be great, but might take a lot of time to complete. The old snapshot listed that the release for a chart viewer had “Dependency (Charts).” I think this means that you are looking for something that would interface with a chart provider’s system and require licensing or something like that.

I suggest that there is a simpler approach that could be implemented very easily. These materials are usually widely available online. All that would really be required would be a simple VR web browser built directly into the sim. It could point to webpages or even to stored PDF files on our own machines. You could even brand it as Microsoft Edge. To really work well in VR, it could use some sort of virtual keyboard, but even that is not essential.

A more comprehensive solution as described in the other forum post would be great long term, but I would be very happy to see something more basic that could be rolled out quickly.

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