Add better way to organize RENO aircraft in World map - Aircraft menu

It would be nice if all versions of the same plane type could be collected into a group, so we don’t see all versions of the same in the aircraft overview.

It’s a great suggestion, though the whole plane display needs a rework with ability to tag and filter more easily as well in addition to aggregating models under a base model type.

Since the Reno expansion has so many issues that don’t seem to be getting any love from Asobo, I uninstalled the Reno expansion and all 40 aircraft, and it decreased the loading time by ~30secs (on SU10 Beta 5). Double win!

Then I selected my favourite plane from each category (Pitts, T6, P51, L38) that flies ok in normal MSFS mode, and just copied them back into the Official folder. You also need to copy the common and passive versions of the plane as well. Now I have one of each I can fly if I need, and use the free Reno race addon if I want to have a race around the course.

If they ever bother to put the work into Reno to make it worth the money we paid, I’ll look into reinstalling it.


Great suggestion, thanks


I don’t know if this will get entertained, but I was one of those guys that bought every Reno Air-race plane in the bundle.

I did not realize how each aircraft was essentially the same model with a different livery…so when browsing aircraft, all the other options besides the Reno planes sort of get lost in the shuffle.

Theres like 50 of them (+/-).

I am suggesting a seperate category, or a better way to seperate these aircraft from the main selection.

Try the freebie here, see if that works for you.

Try tagging them with a letter, z if you want them last, then sort.

Microsoft and Asobo should put Reno airplanes as liveries to make Aircraft Selection screen cleaner and easier.

  1. L-39 has 11 planes, can be simplified to 3 on Plane Selection menu:
  • L-39 (4 planes)
  • L-39C (5 planes)
  • L-39MS (1 plane)
  1. Pitts S-1 9 planes can be simplified to 3
  • Pitts S-1C (2)
  • Pitts S-1E (1)
  • Pitts S-1S (6)
  1. T-6 family from 12 to 8 (even to 4 if (AT-6, T-6, SNJ-4 and SNJ-5)
  • AT-6 (1)
  • AT-6A (1)
  • AT-6B (1)
  • AT-6D (1)
  • T-6 (1)
  • T-6G (3)
  • SNJ-4 (1)
  • SNJ-5 (2)

4 - Mustang 11 planes to 3

  • F-51D (3)
  • P-51A (1)
  • P-51D (7)

We can easly simplify from 43 aircraft to 17, and mod makers can put their liveries inside the models.