Add CG side to in game fuel screen

Thanks for all the hard work with improving the Xbox version. I know there are still many bugs and I am sure you will continue to squash them. I can’t afford a high end gaming PC and it’s nice to enjoy flight some again. I have a request and I apologize if it has already been brought up. Can we get the Center of gravity portion added to the in game fuel screen? It would be nice to see all of that without having to go to the main menu.

It should appear if you make the window wider :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, this seems like they did this to keep the window size smaller.

Ok I will give that a try. Thanks for responding. I am having to reinstall the game because I lost all of my ground services again :disappointed:

Thanks again for the help. Didn’t dawn on me to try that.

Topic Author indicated solution by resizing window