Add Company Routes to A320 MCDU

As the title suggests, is it possible to store company routes in the MCDU for quick access at a later time? Xbox user…

No. The MCDU is extremely limited compared to the real thing.

What you can do is save flight plans on the world map.

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The world map flight planner has its own issues when using the A320 with the dropping of STARs. In order to avoid this bug I need to input the data by hand into the MCDU, this the reason for wanting to save routes.


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Wishlist item?

Id Like the option for secondary flightplan. or at least some go around planning options.

Another issue I have struggled with is the World Map flight plan details not transferring into A320 FMS. Waypoints are either missing or added and altitude restrictions are way off. Don’t know which set to follow, although the Airbus probably prefers its own data. Also it still wants to wander off the flight path although it can usually be coaxed back on by hand. Same experience with the Dreamliner.

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I fly around a fairly limited part of the world but my experience with the MCDU and the world map planner is that they have exactly the same problems. In general I find it helps to only plan to the first waypoint of the STAR, ie the transition, and sometimes I have to build the STAR manually. Approaches often force an unrealistic “VIA” and also have to be built manually. Often the ILS approaches will include a DME arc if there is an arc with the procedure and won’t allow commencing the approach from any other waypoint. My work around for this is to just build the approach manually and enter the frequency manually in the RAD page of the MCDU.

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Absolutely! It would be fantastic if you could store routes into the MCDU for later use. Would especially come in handy if you were flying for a virtual airline and flying routes repeatedly. I’m thinking the task of entering complex routes manually becomes laborious quickly.

The whole issue is the problems with the flight planner transferring data over to the MCDU, which I’m becoming quite fed up with to be honest. I’ve actually given up on airliners as of late because of this. I will say that any aircraft with Garmin equipment seems to work well with a transferred flight plan.

How does one register a “wish list item” such as this?

Is there any difference if you leave the STAR out of your planned flight plan and enter it in “on the fly” as it should be done? Any less problems? I haven’t done this yet, so I’m wondering.

I’m thinking at this point in order to get any kind of sensibility out of airliners, the flightplan has to be entered manually into the MCDU. The transfer of data from the world planner has been an issue from day one IMHO. Any aircraft with Garmin equipment is fine it seems.