Add custom POI markers

Adding custom POI to be used as in game markers or waypoint, would enable to create VFR routes to your house, favorite landing strip, mountain top etc.

** For avoidance of doubt the suggestion is for this to be supported by UI **

It would be nice to have the ability to add your own POI markers.


I agree that would be very usefull


So what you say is, if you have any GPS coordinates, you cannot point that out in the world? thats kinda backwards now isnt it?

Yes, please! I have to use GPS coordinates to set my own POI and it would be nice to be able to save them, give them a custom name (e.g “My house”) and maybe share them between your friends?


Yes. Also, would be a nice Microsoft tie-in to be able to access your Bing Maps favorites and “collections” in MSFS and vice versa. I already had some places pinned into collections in the Windows “Maps” app that I wanted to fly over in the sim. Would be great to easily get to those in-game.


I totally agree with all of the above. People want to go and easily see more than just the landmarks that have POIs already. Navigation and recognising things you only know from the ground can be tricky (took me about 30 minutes to find my house!), but with custom POI markers would be much easier.

I wonder if editing a saved flight plan (it saves in multiple formats and the .FLT one is a text format) to move a radio beacon or the like works? I’ll have to play with it tomorrow.

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Paste them in decimal with a comma into the search box and hit enter - then add. This works for me - i saw it in a YT video


I’d like to mark my own spots, like my house, etc


Private / Custom landmarks!

which are also saved into cloud, when you login on different machines are uploaded / updated


  • colors
  • size
  • layer
  • type (Building, place, event location, …)
  • shared (between friends / group) [This point require some tweaks]

Ok, thanx ill try that, but to be fair that doesnt help us saving POI:s , but hey thats better than nothing :slight_smile:


I agree - only a stop gap. The real feature is needed …


Really need this! I had my apple maps open on my phone looking for “IFR - I follow roads” to find landmarks by my house.


The one thing I want is custom markers that appear on the map. Add the coordinates for your hometown & know when you are flying over it & add landmarks you spot


This feature would be nice.

Can’t you already do this in game by either clicking a random spot on the world map or searching for specific coordinates?

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Apparently not, unless you save route as text file, edit the coordinates and label in text editor. That still leaves you without reusing in another flight or as POI marker. Seems to me like a feature gone missing.


On the map, after you’ve selected your two airports, you can click anywhere on the map and set a custom waypoint and add it to your route. There is also a search box on the top left of the screen where you can type in coordinates and it locates it on the map so you can add it as a custom waypoint as well.

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The map does not have the resolution to find much other than e.g. depicted airports. Find a small off field landing site is impossible without entering coordinates. Search can be used to spawn at a coodinate site, but not add to flight plan or store as POI marker as you fly by, like MSFS uses for airports, fauna etc.

Hope this clarifies.


So I just typed in these coords in the search box, clicked “Add,” and now it is part of my flight plan. Granted, it doesn’t pop up as a POI but the coords are definitely on my route now…