Add DLSS for VR also!

I know DLSS is on the “normal” wishlist, but DLSS needs to be implemented for VR in ADDITION to DLSS for Flatscreen FS2020.

So this is important that the devs have VR on the radar when implementing DLSS.
Please vote!

I’m all for performance improvements in VR, they are sorely needed. But first I want to understand: So a DLSS implementation needs to be done separately for VR?

Still waiting for improvements in VR. DLSS is really welcome too.
Pimax 8kx - 2080ti

Much patience, my friend, you will have to wait for very long (beside you have an hot wire to an higher state of conciousness that can do wonders)

DLSS will come together with SLI. You know what that means.

Be realistic. DLSS is an Nvidia thing and msfs/xbox is teamed red. Maybe we will see something called directML but for shure no DLSS and SLI.

Right now directML is not at the level of DLSS like DXR is not at the level of RTX but ms is investing massive in this technology and is already a mighty company so its a matter of time for them to close the gap. And I believe that an cross platform tech is always better than island solutions.

…said the user that shies away from AMD like the devil from holy water.

Interesting vid about ms ML Exciting Xbox Series X Machine Learning News - Xbox Game Studios Work With ML Already - YouTube

First of all VR is not a different game. If DLSS will ever work on flat screen it will also in VR.
On the other hand the main problem with lowering render scale to increase FPS is blurry cockpit instruments, especially the digital ones. I’m not sure DLSS can make them as sharp as 100% native scaling.


Sometimes it can, sometimes it can’t. In some (rare) cases it can actually be sharper than native, amazingly. Most of the time it’s worse than native though.

Well, I’m waiting the No Man’s Sky update which should allow DLSS including in VR, Nvidia communicate a lot on it. It should be released in comings days. I guess we will have a good idea about what DLSS can bring in VR for MSFS and other Sims after that.

Thats just not true. There are plenty of dlss videos showing that text can be just as legible and sometimes MORE than native.

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One assumes that if they added DLSS then they would go for the latest (why wouldn’t you) which is DLSS2.1 and it supports VR so I don’t believe there is anything more to do beyond just the act of adding DLSS - it should then be available to all users.

To those that point out the AMD/team red link via Xbox, very true - but it is also worth pointing out as a counterpoint that Nvidia is a sponsor of MSFS… just watch any recent developer Q&A and you’ll see Nvidia’s logo proudly displayed. You may also remember the recent screenshot competition sponsored by Nvidia too. They can’t be that in bed with AMD if they happily accept Nvidia’s marketing Moolah.

It is one of those things I really do hope they add at some point, it has no ill effect on those that don’t wish to use it and for those that do it will be extremely handy. Any argument of “there’s no point, my computer and use case is CPU bound therefore yours must be too, I don’t like DLSS etc” is moot - you won’t be forced to turn it on.


it will only work if they implement the right version - only DLSS 2.1 (and up) is working in VR.

DX12 is required for DLSS. Isn’t this game on DX11?

Soon to be released as a dx12 game

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