Add floats as an option for planes

It’s a travesty that there are virtually no decent amphibious planes in the sim other than the ICON.
I realize that there are 3rd party developers working on this but what about adding it as an option. There is no reason Asobo couldn’t easily add the option to select floats for standard planes like the Cessna when it would make sense. Were 8 months in, we should have more options by now.

I 100% agree, ski’s as well. Had them in FS / P3D hell even had the Gruman Goose and thats pretty much the best float plane out there IMHO.

Unfortunately I think they have their hands full just trying to make the basic sim work yet alone any extras…

Fly close to the ground and you can see all kinds of things missing, radio towers, road levels to low in bing, unable to pass under bridges, water levels too high, multiwindow support, and the list goes on and on …


Not much need for the floats until they finally figure out water is “wet”. The water in MSFS is not usable in my estimation. It is great to fly over, but land in it? Terrible. I was wondering if anyone has heard of they are ever going to work on the water?

There is a freeware Grumman Goose port and also an excellent freeware mod that puts floats on the Xcub. At least 3 or 4 payware float planes as well.
I totally agree that there should be more default options as well though.


Agree. But the water needs to be as good as it was at release or better. But will they model the step?

XCUB Amphib Float

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legend. thank you.

Some of the default aircraft like the Cessna 172 Cessna 208 Cessna 152 and X cub come with float plane options

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