Add in HDR peak brightness setting

Currently, the peak brightness in HDR is fixed, leading to huge amounts of clipping if you don’t have a display that can matches the peak brightness of MSFS2020. The best fix would be to simply add in an HDR peak brightness setting, that controls the brightness of the highlights.

I’ve done a little testing, and with my DisplayHDR 400-level monitor there’s definitely some clipping though when in full-screen mode a tone-mapping operator is applied that limits it to the display’s actual peak brightness (this tone-mapping is not applied in windowed mode, or if something else is visible on screen like the Start Menu).

When I process the .jxr HDR screenshots from the NVIDIA capture tool, I find that I have to reduce exposure by 1.5 stops (~2.8x reduction in luminance) to approximately match MSFS’s SDR rendering for the low end (then apply a Reinhard tone-mapping operator for the high end).

This indicates that MSFS is brightening the HDR display by 1.5 stops for no particular reason, reducing the amount of headroom for actually bright things (reflections, sun, sky). I’d like to be able to reduce it either back to match the SDR neutral mid-tones, or somewhere in the middle.

(Don’t get me wrong – it looks great to make use of more dynamic range than my display can do in SDR mode! But with better control I think it will look better still.)


This also relates to the way it looks in vr. Clearly my reverb g2 doesn’t have the range so everything looks washed out. Would love some options to adjust.