Add multiplayer shared cockpit support

Please add support for multiplayer shared cockpit support. This would be a great feature to have, allowing two people to sit side by side in the same aircraft and which would be great for training.
An instructor could sit in and talk through the controls and how to fly the plane and ideally be able to take control like in real life.
For larger planes being able to have a pilot and co-pilot setup. This would give FS a lot of potential for real world training / simulation.


Tis already on the roadmap.

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Great, glad it is as it would be such a great feature.

And think further… what about a sailplane/glider, which is pulled in the air by a cesna maybe, like in the real world on airports which not have a winch.

And your friend controls the motored aircraft while you are sitting in the glider.

There are many possibilities for coop playing and we are waiting for it impatient.

Yes, can’t see why not. Why not helicopters and others aircrafts and features like it had in FSX?

Bring in the shared cockpits!!!

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